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At what age did you give your DC milk?

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I mean milk from the store, yk, **** milk.
I know the books say a year, but I'm curious what y'all experience was like.
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My kids still don't really drink milk. I'll put it on cereal around 18 months or so.
I gave my DS whole milk at 13 months, when I stopped pumping during the day. I know that's really early for around these parts!

Originally Posted by kofduke
I gave my DS whole milk at 13 months, when I stopped pumping during the day. I know that's really early for around these parts!
That's exactly what I did as well. DD is almost 15 months now and drinks a little whole milk during the day (along with eating yogurt and cheese) and nurses in the morning and evening.
my ds is 11mos and has had some cereal with organic milk from the store cuz dh figured 'its only a little bit'. He actually did very well with it each time its happened. i'm hoping to get him to drink soy or almond milk tho. i was unsucessful with dd and she will actually tell me 'mama, i want white cows milk'. (oiy)

anyway, we'll not actually give him milk unless he asks for it i spose
We started around fourteen months but it wasn't until about eighteen months that he'd really have anything to do with it. He won't eat it on cereal, only drink it but he gets most of his dairy from yogurt and cheese. I tried soy and rice milk, too, but those were {and still are} refused right away.
Never! My son has never drank milk. He self weened at 16 mos. and went from nursing to very diluted juice/water. I still dilute 50/50 and he'll be 3 in 2 weeks. Tina
Sometime after a year; maybe closer to 18 months. She was uncharacteristically gassy afterward and I haven't given her any since. She's OK with yogurt and cheese though, and these more than satisfy her dairly requirement. Occasionally I'll get her a soymilk at a restaurant, but other wise she's non-mama-milk free.
I don't plan on ever giving my dd cow's milk.

She drinks soy milk sometimes though.
No cows milk. Soy and rice and occassionally almond, although we have been severely limiting the soy milk (to see if it was a possible allergen. Article in Mothering just confirmed my fears about it), so now it is just rice milk.

I would prefer she drinks water if thirsty, limiting any milk and juice.
I am being mainstream in that department...I stopped BFing DS when he was just 5 mos because I got pg and couldn't handle it
. So he was on formula for quite a while, and then I put him on **** milk at around 10.5-11 mos. He's done very well with it, esp considering he couldn't take milkbased formula and I should have limited my dairy intake while BFing (I'm sure that's why he screamed all the time. We didn't have fun). I'm scared about soy milk. I know cow's milk is unnatural, but milk from beans?
He drinks a lot of water though, and no juice (he doesn't like it, which is fine with me!)
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My dd is 17mo and still doesn't get cows milk. She nurses and eats yogurt and some cheese so I figure that's enough. I'd rather give her yogurt to eat than milk. I figure she'll drink cows milk at some stage but I haven't really thought about when.
No cow milk here, but we started giving her soy and rice milk around 16 months.
Ditto - no cow's milk here and no plans for the stuff - ever? Well, never say never - I guess if she asks, she can try it. Doubt she will like it, though. I was thinking that people really only do cow's milk because it's a convenient source of calcium and vitamin D, but there are so many other sources for these things. Some cheese or yogurt, leafy greens, beans, and a little sun for the vit D...
Anyway, I think they do say 12 months at least for cow's milk. They also say if the child is still nursing there's no need for any other milk. At 14 months, my dd still nurses A WHOLE LOT, so no need for other milks at our house. Heck, we're still kinda working on solids here! :LOL
we're VERY mainstream here! we started milk (cow's) at 11.5 months as our last can of (gasp!) formula ran out. she was on a dairy-based formula so i didn't have concerns about her tolerating it (she's also very into cheese & yogurt but can't have yogurt too often b/c it makes her poop so acidic it burns her butt! ouch!) she drinks about 18 ounces a day with water & VERY diluted juice (about 90% water) throughout the day.
My son started drinking some milk at 18 months though he usually only gets it on cereal and the occassional glass of chocolate milk (made with chocolate flavored nutritional suppliment . . .think Ovaltine). We also use more raw organic milk rather than the homoginized and pasturized milk from the store. Though, if we buy from the store it is always organic.
DS is allergic to dairy. *I* can't even drink milk, and probably won't until he weans.

So, uh, no
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DD1 started on whole milk a little after her 1st birthday as she hadn't shown any signs of allergies to any dairy products.

DD2 is still nursing 2-4 times a day (9 months) and wasn't able to tolerate yogurt at all. (Her poor little butt....) For now she gets water (she doesn't want to nurse during the day for some reason) and mommy's milk. I see that continuing for the forseeable future as I have no plans to wean her.
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