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At What Age do your dc start playing outside?

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Ok, I have to ask others, after another exciting family adventure, when do you start letting your lil' ones down and playing on the ground? DH's family drives me nuts with this, oh, his in the grass, he's in the dirt, he'll get bugs, he'll scrape his knees, ugh. As soon as he has wanted down I let him down to play- granted that there are not broken glass or syringes or something like that on the ground. They are finally getting to the point where I think they are giving up on us being "model" parents, but still make sly comments. Meanwhile, our dear niece who is 5 days older than Luke (about 10 m.o.) is not allowed on the ground they always have to hold her. Now I am not sure if this is because she is a girl and the "princess" or just because heaven forbid they get dirty. Oh, and they are not allowed to play with things unless they are toys. So, everytime we are around them they are always screeching, get out of this, get out of that, come here, stay in here- like that is going to work for a crawling/walking boy.

So, I'm wondering how are other parents? I pretty much let him do whatever. If he wants to walk around I let him, I supervise pretty close, but he puts grass and dirt in his mouth, no biggie, unless it is copious amounts. He doesn't wear shoes and today- gasp- he only had on a very adorable flame covered aio- it was freakin' hot here! I let him explore most everything. I feel like they are always trying to stifle him, it drives me absolutely nuts. Of course they think we are bad parents because (1) he doesn't eat solids- none, nada- unless you count paper, dirt and grass!

please tell me I'm not the only one? I am totally not germphobic, perhaps I should be, but I'm not!
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A week?

I went to one of the community gardens with my post partum doula and her son and sat in the shade on the grass and put my pixie near the edge of my big shawl I was wrapping him in and let his hand touch the blades of grass.

He's always liked being outside. At 3 months, it was the only way to calm him in the evenings -- go for a walk outside. It wasn't the walking, it was definately being outside, whether we were in the city or country.
When Julia was six days old, I had her outside lying in the grass in the shade. We spend most of our time outside, actually, even in weather that would lead most people to stay inside. She even played in the snow at 6 months old. I still cringe sometimes when she gets dirty, but I'm getting over that.

The only restriction is that until she walks well she stays off the pavement-- I can't deal with head bumps on concrete, and the idea of CRAWLING on concrete makes MY knees ache.

I try to keep her out of things that are dangerous or really gross, but dirt?-- heck, on Wednesday she ate a handful of it. No big deal to me.

I am neurotic about sun protection, though. My mom wasn't when I was a kid, and I know I'm gonna pay for it later. I'm not dooming Julia, who is fair and blue-eyed, to skin cancer.
Count me as one of the "right from the start" mamas, too.

I look around for glass, rocks big enough to choke on and garbage, but other than that, my girls have been dirt eaters since day one.
Ds was born in December, we moved into our house in April and we've been playing outside ever since. My mom was one of those "keep out of the dirt" types and my was of rebelling is to let my kids get as dirty as possible
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Isaiah's only 7.5 mo old and i let him down outside...but he's not mobile so he just eats the occasional blade of grass.
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DS is now 16 mo old, and still LOVES to be outside. I think I started letting him play outside as soon as the snow thawed, so let's see, he was born in Feb, that would be around May where we are. He spent a lot of last summer with no shoes or socks, laying on the grass, picking at his toes or a leaf or a stick.

But I also believe in putting young kids on the floor to let them explore - I'm certain that's why DS rolled early, sat up early, crawled early, and is now a very active and healthy toddler who runs around, climbs on things, and is physically (and emotionally) adept. A friend of mine has a child a week older than Ethan, he was never allowed to be on the floor, always in a car seat or bouncy or in a playpen or on a lap. He just started walking, and can't do half of the things Ethan does. Now I know early isn't necessarily better.... but when I look at what a happy, healthy kid DS is, I can't help but think a good portion of that is due to the fact that he is allowed to explore and get dirty safely.
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My kids have been outside from the very start of their lives pretty much. They played in leaves, sand, dirt, mud, water, touched bugs, and scraped knees and elbows. Since they were babies at least.
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We had twins in November '03 and they were on the ground in the spring as soon as it was dry enough. When they got a little more mobile they ate dirt, sand, grass, woodchips, you name it . . . so dh and I took a Red Cross class to learn baby heimlich (sp?). Frankly, I think a little dirt is good for them. They are now 19 months and LOVE being outside in all weather.
so, I am not insane, perhaps- or maybe we all are "bad" mothers- I too am of the opinion that is good for him to be around to explore, but babies must be controlled. At least my mom gets it- dh and I took pictures of lil' man friday because he was crawling around in the dirt- I thought it was cute. Here was a conversation yesterday,
grandma and g- gma-(very concerned) he's eating grass
dh and I- yep
grandma and g-ma- he's putting a big wad in his mouth- more concerned as we didn't see the urgency of this
dh - yep, he likes fescue
grandma and g-gma- hmmmmmmm

my lil' guy has been on the early end of his gross motor skills as well- I think this is more his personality- he's been spirited from day one, so I would be so totally stressed if I tried to control him-kids need to be kids
Right from the start…

I really feel bad for kids who are never allowed to get down and dirty. What a waste of childhood! My DS is 3 now and every night he comes in filthy with grubby toes and hands and full of bruises from roughing around outdoors. :LOL I would never deny him the fun of getting dirty and touching bugs! That what being a kid is about!
Just the other day at the park I was remembering my dd at maybe 7 or 8 months, sitting on the concrete under the sprinkler, overjoyed to find herself surrounded by older children who were dousing her (gently) with cups of water. We got A LOT of criticism from random strangers about the places we let her get down and crawl (for example, the laundromat, the bus station, the sidewalk). She has pretty much been filthy -- with some short post-bath interludes -- for 3 years now. :LOL And I feel compelled to point out, although I realize that this is no real evidence of anything, that she is almost never sick. (I point this out to all the people who tell me to put a coat on her when she chooses to go out lightly dressed.)
dd2 was at the park at 2 days old

She was on the ground (well, the snow) at 3-4 mo (as soon as she could sit or enjoy it).
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DD was outside with me on the ground the afternoon we left the hospital. She sat on the grass with me last summer several times.

Now we like naked butt / grass time in the mornings before it gets too hot. That's evidently the perfect time to throw the rocks from the side of the condo at mama and grass tickles your crack! :LOL

right from the start! I guess some of those parents you see that are more cautious with their children may be following their child's lead. DS is 2 and very active and physically fearless but when at playground we've encountered 4 year olds who have hand held going up play equipment stairs. I don't think either situation is abnormal - it's just following the child's lead.
I let my 10 month old son play on the ground, but would not allow him to put grass in his mouth (so much grass has chemicals or fertilizer, and even if the yard is "organic" the watertable picks up on the chemicals sprayed on everyone else's yards).
I would definately not let my son sit on mulch or touch it with his hands. In my community, "sludge" (from the sewage treatment plant) is part of the make-up of mulch. It has that tell-tale dog-poop smell (yuck). As someone who has had e. coli and once had giuardia from camping water that I thought was safe, I am careful with him on that.
Before he mouths sticks or leaves from trees, I would have to be confident that they were not sprayed. I saw that the trees in my park were sprayed for bag-worms. No more sticks in his little hands from the part

So that is why I would say no to those things, and dirt doesn't bother me.
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We were also criticized for letting her crawl in "dirty" places. I am very nongermphobic. By the way, my DD is ALSO hardly ever sick.

She's been outside and on the ground for ages, but I did keep her mostly off concrete till she was a good walker. I wouldn't let her eat grass/weeds, just because some plants are poisonous and I don't want to set the precedent that eating plants at random is an okay thing.
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tuesday= the parents I have seen not letting their children play was not due to the child not wanting to play, just the parents not wanting to mess with it. Although I do know some babies are more adventurous than others, my guys always been a spirited [email protected]
from the beginning! he really didn't start playing outside until this summer, though. before it was more just "being" outside.
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DD was about 8 or 9 months old the first time she ever crawled in grass. Before that, we'd been completely covered in snow, so outdoor play for her wasn't really an option. But ever since that day, she prefers to spend the majority of her playtime outside if possible.
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