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He was moved briefly to his own bed when I night weaned then I didn't mind him coming back in with me when he was no longer nursing. Course when he had his own bed I had to lie with him and he'd wake and crawl into mine several times. He is 3 and sleeps better now but still wakes me most nights - once on a good one - and crawls over me to swap sides. I have explained before he sleeps I want him staying on his side (he has his teddy and pillow there so know's it's his) as I think this is a habit dating back to when he nursed and I'd roll him over to swap sides.
Anyway he goes to sleep when I do (LATE!) and sleeps next to me. I am beginning to wonder though will he ever choose to leave my bed? I gave his bed to his sister (he didn't see it as his as his is mine!) and will get her a new futon when I need his back. (I'm saving up now for a new futon so I can have his bed back). Why am I bothered about him going into his own bed? Sometimes I figure he will become less attached to me - he can be very intense and demanding of my time and energy and the other kids miss out as a result. Maybe he'll sleep better? He'll have to share my room though as we only have 3 bedrooms.
What age did your child(ren) move into their own beds? What about kids allowed to choose? I still think all my kids would share my bed still if I let them (but I'd get no sleep so I don't).
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