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At what point would you worry about baby's position?

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I know it's super-early and that babies can and do flip tons of times all the way up until delivery...

But for some reason I'm *so* paranoid this time around! I never gave the baby's position a thought during my first pregnancy, but this time I'm already worried! I'm 25 weeks, but not once has this kid changed position so far, at least not in the amount of time I've been feeling him. (Unless he does complete 360s while I sleep or something!) He's transverse with his head on my right side, feet on the left.

I *know* there's no reason to worry yet, but I can't help it... Anyone else as paranoid as me?

Hmm, my gram's first kid was a 10 pound breech, maybe that's what scares me so much!
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well, i think i might be delusional these days, but i'm totally the opposite and think i might not be worrying enough. my friend's baby just flipped to head down at 41 weeks ... and he was born well over 12 lbs, and you'd think he wouldn't have had room, right? but he just waited until he was ready, i guess.

so i'm thinking that while i might start to worry about position around 38 weeks and start actively doing more than the usual posture and exercise for optimal positioning, i probably wouldn't truly panic until i thought i was going into labor. ask me again in a couple of months, though!
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I am right there with you Alyssa! I have this overly active imagination with the breech thing. My grandma, too, had a breech baby. I have been trying to be very cognizant of sitting properly and not leaning back with my back curved. I also, try to do visualization daily to 'see' the babe coming out head down. I struggle daily with this, but if I continue to sit correctly and visualize hopefully, that will become second nature and not this breech thought business!
I start worrying when I find out I'm pregnant. Emma was ALWAYS breech. She never turned. I started going to a chiropractor when I was 16 weeks pg with Seth and go 2x a week now. As soon as we can tell what position this baby is in (I think she's breech), we'll start to do things to turn her. I guess that's my other big last girl was breech, I really don't want another c-section.

Start doing affirmations daily, "My baby is in the perfect position for birth". I said this 50 times a day with Seth and he was PERFECT when he was born.

I think you're wise to be aware of it now. Do you know anything about optimal fetal positioning?
I'm not too concerned. My DS was breech and I was having a hospital birth so they did an external version. It worked and he was born head first. If you're having a hospital birth then I'm pretty sure it's a pretty common practice with about a 70% success rate. If this one were to be breech I would probably opt just to deliver that way since I have an experienced midwife for my homebirth. Try not to stress too much.....
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I've been worried too. She spends so much time kicking down in my pelvis, although I do occasionally feel her up higher too. (The first time I remember feeling her do that was after a chiro appointment, so I'm going to try and be faithful to that this time.
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I figure the body does what it does and I can't control it. If the baby was head up at 36-38 weeks, maybe I'd be concerned. I'm def. not thinking about it now.
I have definitely thought about this more than the previous pg but I'm still not worried yet. I currently get kicks both down low and up high so I know he is spinning around. My son turned at 31 weeks (I remember it very vividly!) and stayed that way so I probably won't start really concentrating on it until at least that time!
most chiros and acupuncturists will tell you that their sucess rates are better if they start working to turn a breech baby at about 32-36 weeks vs. waiting until 38 weeks or later. sometimes it takes more than one visit to encourage a baby to turn. regular chiro care throughout pregnancy can go a long way in facilitating good positioning because it keeps your pelvis in good alignment.

as far as preventing a posterior baby- although it absolutly in no way hurts to get into good optimal fetal positioning habits now, the time to start being diligent about it to help encourage an anterior baby is around 34-36 weeks also.

there's a great website with fantastic info about options if your baby is breech-breech birth, external versions, other ways to rotate babies etc. at called Heads Up!

i also encourage people not to count out the power of positive visualization and mantras- envision your baby already in the perfect position for birth! i am attributing the fact that both my twins are already head down to a combination of visualization and weekly visits to the chiro!

bottom line- you've got plenty of time, so no need to freak out!
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It's so funny that I saw this thread. I've been worrying about this baby. It sounds like our babies are in the same position. I've been worried about when he will turn. I never even thought about it in my past pregnancies, but for some reason, I've been worried this time. I think the others were head down around 30 weeks, so I still have time. I've been talking to him alot and telling him that he needs to turn around. I told him mommy doesn't want a c section.
Another worried mama here...

I never gave it much thought with my first pregnancy because I was going to a hospital anyway... now that I'm doing the whole midwife/ birth center thing I've got my heart set on it! I would be devastated if the baby ended up breech and I had to go do a c-section

It's really hard to tell where all the parts are. I often feel like she's transverse - I feel a big hard head on the right side of my belly! But then I feel hiccups way down low so I guess she's flipping around a lot.

Daily affirmations sound good!
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Oh my. Add me to the list. With my first two I had no worries, but they were always head down the whole time. This one flips from breech to transverse and back to breech. I thought he'd flipped head down last week, but it was my imagination. He's definitely still breech. And all I've been thinking about is how I'll convince my midwife to let me deliver a breech baby at home. Even though he still has months to turn.
My DD was breech on Friday & flipped b4 she was born Sunday night!!!!!
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In general, I am not a worrier, but I do like to be informed. I asked my midwife at my last appointment at what point the baby's position starts to be important. She told me that she'll start checking around 34 weeks to see if he's head down and to see if he stays that way. For now, she said, position is fairly meaningless, as they can change it up easily still.
Visiting from the August DDC. From the stuff I've read, efforts to turn breeches are most effective if they're done at or after 36 weeks. For this reason, it was the policy at the hospital where I did my midwifery training (in Australia) not to worry about breech until 36 weeks.

It's hard not to worry though, isn't it? Breech is something that crosses my mind a lot, too.
I'm not that concerned about breech, but I have been wishing to feel this baby's back somewhere along the front or sides - all I get is knobby-stuff in front and sides, and I'm not interested in a posterior baby! Back labor - boo!!
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