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At what temp do you give meds?

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So DD has had a fever for the last two days. It's been pretty consistently above 102. Tonight it was 103. We had a total panic attack because at one point her entire body got very, very hot making it seem like she had spiked a really high fever but according to the two underarm thermometers we used her fever was still around 103.

The doc said to give meds to get it below 101.

What do people here do? I was on pins and needles all day long trying to decide what to do.

Also, please send healing vibes DDs way. I'm not really cut out for this kind of worry.a
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i usually give meds around 103' but remember if you're taking an axillary temp (under arm) you need to add 2 degrees to it to get a more accurate idea. the most accurate method is rectally and an axillary temp is consistently 2 degrees lower than the rectal temp. i know there's been times when ive picked up either of my dd's and felt how burning up they were and frantically taking there temp just knowing it would be atleast 105' and an er trip was in our future, but they'd be just around 102' and id give 'em a little tylenol and all would be right w/ the world again :LOL

just listen to your mother's intuition....its always right...

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I've heard the underarm is 1 degree different. i hope it isn't two. I was actually use a temporal thermometer at first but switched to underarm.

Do you use a digital or an old fashioned one? I think we are going to get an old fashioned one. Tired of the fancy gadgets.
I dont do meds for my children. Especially for fevers.

Vinigar is one hell of a fever reducer.. one teaspoon
Just curious. Where did you find out about the vinegar?
try belladonna 30c in a water bottle (a couple of granules is fine) shake the bottle hard 10 times before each dose. give a dose every 15 min. if, after an hour, the fever is still high, try another remedy.

fingers crossed!
hi i just went through this with my son. he had a fever for 3 days and it went up and down between 103-105. we are military, so the docs are pretty mainstream, but even they told us that we do not have to give tylenol and that a fever is good for a body. its the bodies way of fighting off anything. they did say that once it reached 104 to put him in a lukewarm bath to bring it down to 101.

all the advice they gave me (via the phone, they dont even see you if it's just a fever unless it goes on for 3 days) pretty much mirrored w/ dr. sears said in his book...which is what i was going by. its also on his website...

anyway, my son just had a fever, and was acting normal between. if they are acting sick and it's a lower temp, that could be cause for worry. definitely trust your gut. my doc said they could go up to 105 w/out tylenol and be fine...but you do want to do some heat reducing techniques like the bath or undressing the child. also, it helps to write everything down, so when you do go in to see the doc, you have everything you have in front of you.

hth and hope your baby gets better soon! it's very hard and scary, i know!!
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Originally Posted by mistisa
hi i just went through this with my son. he had a fever for 3 days and it went up and down between 103-105. we are military, so the docs are pretty mainstream, but even they told us that we do not have to give tylenol and that a fever is good for a body. its the bodies way of fighting off anything.

Your body is at great healing itself IF you allow it to. When you give medication to reduce fevers you bring the blood cells fighting off the infection down, which in return slowes the body from healing itself.

Fevers are not a bad thing, they are your bodies way of taking care of itself.

as far as to how I know about the vinigar, its been something my family has done for years. I cant say where it came about, I do not know. I do know it works.
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We don't give medication for fever, period. Fever in itself is never a problem, only a possible sign of a potential problem, when accompanied by certain symptoms. So a fever can be a sign that something is wrong, but the fever itself is never an actual problem. Fever will not cause damage to the body unless it goes above 106 degrees. It will not go above 106 unless it is a result of heatstroke or poisoning. So, I guess I take my original statement back. I WOULD treat fever, but only if it was a result of heatstroke or poisoning, in which case the ER would be treating it.
personally we go to 103 while doing bathes and alternatives befor giving tylonal, then only at night when they spike.
I usually do if its 102-103 or if its night time and I want her to be able to sleep well.

dd has had a fever that was 102 and she was just really uncomfortable (said her head hurt, her whole body was hot, and she was obviously miserable) so I gave her children's advil. That took it down to 98.9 (arm pit). By the 7.5 hr mark (its supposed to last 6-8 hrs) it was steadily rising and her mood chanced dramatically so I gave her some more to get her through (most of) the night.

I totally understand about fever to fight infection but when my child is completely miserable and the temp gets that high I feel a lot more comfortable treating the fever.
I don't give meds at all to lower a fever. Febrile seizures are not dangerous, though they mostly occur when temps drop suddenly and then spike again (which can happen when fever reducer medications are given).

Fevers are there for a reason. To lower the fever, you actually lower the body's immune response and can lengthen the course of the illness. Kids are lethargic during a fever for a reason: so they can SLOW DOWN and rest. I think that they're very important!

There seems to be some idea in our culture that fevers are bad. That when we get sick, we take a pill to cover it up so we can go about our day and act like we're well.

Now, if you're talking treating body aches or something, that's different. But to give medicine just for a fever isn't necessary and denies the body it's natural course of action.

Why would our bodies do something that was inherently harmful as its first defense?
so I just got back from the doc. In addition to the fever, DD was having some raspy, congested breathing that sounded almost croupy. The doctor said she has a bad cold. He thinks the fever will last another day (and should be treated with tylenol).

He also prescribed albuterol treatments and prednisone to "loosen things up". Has anyone used thisstuff?
I have 3 kids with asthma (viral induced, allergy induced) so they have had albuterol. Can make your child a bit jumpy, fidgety but that's a normal side effect of it

We let fevers go as long as the child isnt complaining. Once they start saying they feel miserable, we will treat it.
well the first 2 treatments went ok. The other thing that has me concerned is that he also prescribed prednisone. Not sure why she needs an oral steroid.

I decided I had to treat her fever tonight. She was just miserable. She seems a little better.

I hope the fever is gone tomorrow and she feels a little better.
my DD got an oral steroid when she had croup. I think they prescribe it to help with the inflamation of the larynx (so that the swelling doesnt obstruct the airway)
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