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At what weight did your baby outgrow medium BSWW?

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I'm waiting for some medium BSWW (bought them mainly for the new baby, but ds will wear them now too if they fit). Ds is about 27 lb so I'm wondering how much longer they'll fit. They say 15-30 lb. Has everyone found this to be true? Or will I likely need to buy larges pretty soon? Ds is 19 months old and has an average build.
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My dd outgrew the mediums for a while when she was at that roly-poly chubbo stage. She only weighed probably 20lbs, but most of it was in her mid-section, lol. Once she started crawling and walking, she slimmed down and though she weighs more like 25-26lbs now she fits the mediums again very nicely. So, I think it probably depends on the shape of the baby. My dd has actually been able to fit into med or lg Bummis SWWs for a long time now, but I like the trimmer fit of the mediums better. Hope that helps!
My skinny thighed boy fit into them until 34lbs. I was surprised!
My mediums came and they fit my 27 or 28- lb baby pretty well; it seems to depend which prefolds we are using. Some are a bit longer than others so add a bit of bulk, but surprisely, the medium BSWW fit him really well. So for now I'll wait on getting the larges I guess. (That'll save me something to buy later; I love getting packages in the mail!)
Both of my thin girls fit in them until the PL'd.
My 23 mo old (27lb) ds wears them still with pre-folds, but the rise is really low, and has been for about 4 months so it is time to move on to lgs.
My DD outgrew medium at like 7 months, but I have huge babys.
Mediums fit my 18lb baby really well - but last night I decided to put a large on him with his prefold/doubler combo and it fit with the tabs crossed over. I think I will use larges at night from now on because it was easier to put on him and fit.
DS can still wear them at 27 lbs, but they are tight on the legs. I bought a bunch of Gerber vinyl to get us through to PLng... we use mostly wool anyhow.
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