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We are TTC and I want to have our next baby at home. If you've had a homebirth in the past year, will you please give me the name and phone# of your midwife? And give me your opinion on your providers strengths and weaknesses, how the process went (just a few sentences) and if you used additional support like a Doula. PM me if you feel more comfortable.

This process is a little more overwhelming than expected and I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks.

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If you go to and enter your criteria they will spit out a list of several homebirth midwives who serve Atlanta and surrounding areas. There is even one who provides her home for Alabama couples who can't get a home birth easily. Make sure on Midwife info you specify home birth practice or else you'll get a list of a million CNM hospital only midwives. Good Luck!!!

I was looking for personal testimonials. I picked a drs. office with the last birth based on the same selection method. But I spent more time selecting my doula and came up with a winner (who has retired since my birth). So I really want personal testimonials as the first layer of screening before picking a midwife for homebirth.

I love my mw. Check out my link for my experience and pm me if your interested in more info.
Most midwives will sit down for a consultation with you before you hire her, so you can find out if she is the one for you or not. I spoke with several MWs before choosing mine.

I sent you a PM with some info.

take care
Definitely, I think as to homebirth it is probably ALL will do a consultation since they are more selective than your average managed care doc about who they take (mostly in terms of health profile). But I think it's also so valuable to put the word out that you're looking for recommendations. This way she is hearing both good and bad. Also she is in this community so she knows there are a bunch of hb midwives in the Atlanta area. I didn't know this when I was calling to find one. I could only find 2 on the internet.
I had a fantastic midwife for the birth of my second son (now 2-1/2). My experience was everything I hoped it would be. I found my midwife via word of mouth. I'll PM you with her name.
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