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Atrophic Vaginitis

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Hello ladies, I have somewhat of a medical mystery going on with me and I'm hoping that you lovely people may be willing to help me. I've been seen by 3 different repro. professionals now and all are scratching their heads.

Off and on since March or so I've been dealing with periods of itching, dryness, discharge etc... at first I thought it was a UTI then I thought it was a yeast infection. Then on a separate note I got severe Mastitis and was given the wrong meds (amoxicillin) immediately after when it didn't go away I was prescribed dicolxycillin which cleared the problem up. Needless to say I was on antibiotics for 20 days and really did get a yeast infection then. After the yeast infection this problem flew through the roof. After the yeast infection I went back to the PA and they checked under the scope again and found no other infections. The PA did say that she doesn't know what is causing my discomfort but that things didn't look quite right in there. She said I look almost like I'm brush burned which I don't know where that came from because we hadn't had sex in a while. I also had STD screenings just in case and it came up all clear.

Now 3 weeks later I went in for my yearly pap. It came out all clear but the CNM (a different one then who treated my yeast infection) told me that I look very inflammed down there and I have a ton of abnormal yellow discharge that I suspect is irritating me even more. Wherever the discharge sits for any period of time I get sore, and itchy there (although maybe that is just coincidence) Plus a vaginal pH of 7. Both her and an OB looked under the microscope and said they see lots of inflammation and new vaginal cells but no bacteria or anything else. They didn't really know what the problem was but sent me on my way since my discomfort that day was only extremely mild.

Well after that exam I became VERY sore. It's kept me up the last few nights since the exam. I was looking around on the net and came across lactational atrophic vaginitis. It does seem to fit many of the symptoms, the pH, the fact I haven't had my period in 2 years (I've been pregnant and am now bf'ing a 15 month old on a regular frequent basis), the fact that I have always had somewhat of a hormone imbalance, I've also had oversupply issues right after dd was born, the dryness, the itchiness, the fact that my labia seem to be shrinking etc....

When I asked my CNM what she thought though she wasn't aware of lactational vaginitis and said that my vagina didn't look atrophic at all. She did tell me she would prescribe me estrogen cream and that I should only take it if need be and that I should take soy milk and black cohash just in case. This kind of has me bummed though I thought this was definitely it and she said it didn't look atrophied at all but admitted she wasn't familiar with lactational vaginitis.

I'm just wondering what you guys think. Does it sound like this is my problem? Should I cut back on dd's nursing frequency? Maybe nightwean her How long until I can expect some kind of relief? My CNM had no idea because she hasn't seen this before.

Please help me....I'm tired of living with what feels like a constant yeast infection.
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That sounds awful!

Hopefully smeone who has btdt will have more info for you.
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