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A painting mom? That's not how I usually describe myself professionally. My online presence is that of an illustrator, author, educator, and fine artist. But the truth is, being a mom is my main occupation. If you read Mothering when it was a printed magazine, you may have seen the above image as their 25th and 30th anniversary logo. That image began as a linoleum block print that I carved when I was eight months pregnant with my first child. I had just finished reading "The Continuum Concept", by Jean Liedloff. That book chimed in accord with everything I knew in my very round gut. It taught me about attachment parenting as it has naturally existed for thousands of years - and affirmed my decision to live accordingly as much as possible.

After my baby was born, my attachment parenting values easily found expression in visual images. Nurturing babies and cooperating with nature's intentions translates almost effortlessly into organic forms. I had studied fine art and had little intention of pursuing commercial art, but finding a way to work at home and stay with my son became my top priority. I could not bear to put him in daycare as a baby, and wanted to be free to nurse on demand and give him every immunological edge possible. So I began creating original paintings for children's bedrooms. These brightly-colored gouache paintings reflected my love of folk art, with multi-ethnic children playfully interacting.

One day, a colleague saw these paintings and suggested I get in touch with his wife, the editor-in-chief at Holiday House, one of the last independently-owned children's book publishers. My first book contract soon followed. I was pregnant with my second child by then, and was thrilled to have a new way to work at home. The finished art for WHAT'S MAGGIE UP TO? was painted with my newborn daughter nursing in my lap. My baby nursed often, and I learned to work in short, frequent intervals.

I grew into the roles of new mom and children's book author/illustrator simultaneously, while also continuing as a fine artist as much as I could. Most of these paintings were mother-&-child images, and many were done partly while nursing. Soon my husband, Emery Bernhard, and I became an author-illustrator team, and our book A RIDE ON MOTHER'S BACK: A Day of Babycarrying Around the World (Harcourt Brace, 1997) was born. This book combined our baby-carrying lifestyle with our interest in parenting practices around the world. Fifteen years later, this book is still selling strong. It has become widely recognized as a visual handbook of attachment parenting for children. The book affirms in simple terms the wisdom of indigenous cultures that trust nature's intentions and support unrestricted nurturing.

Thirty books later, I'm still doing children's books, and I'm still painting. I also do a lot of arts-in-ed programs for kids, using my books as a basis for creative projects. My son is now a graduate student, and my daughter, age 21, is a wonderful big sister to my younger daughter, age 10. All my children were born at home and all were breastfed on demand for 3+ years. Attachment parenting has been a monumental shaping force in my lifestyle and career both as fine artist and illustrator.

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Happy October and happy attachment parenting!


2-for-1 sale on posters and cards:

"Mother & Child" is available as a poster or card.

"Lotus Birth" was originally commissioned by Mothering Magazine.

Available as a poster or card.

"The Mother Garden" is available as a poster or card.

"Beginning Prayer" is available as a poster or card.


"Pregnant Sleep" is one of my most popular images.

"The Bearers"

"Earth Mother"

"Spring Nursling"

"Sleep" is available as an 11″x17″ poster.

"Tree of Life"

"The Letting Go Spiral" was painted when my oldest

child left home for college.


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About Durga Yael Bernhard

Durga Yael Bernhard is a fine artist, illustrator, children's book author/illustrator, and mother of three children born at home. She has published over thirty picture books, including fiction and non-fiction, natural science titles, concept books, and multicultural subjects, including A RIDE ON MOTHER'S BACK: A Day of Baby-Carrying Around the World. Durga is especially known for her mother-and-child artwork. She is the creator of Mothering Magazine's 25th anniversary logo, and has been published in Mothering numerous times. Please visit her website, picture book blog, and webstore at

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