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I just found out how to do this! I have secretly been trying and try to crack this one for about a year and no matter how far away I got from my children, how good my lighting or how many pages of instructions I printed out and kept at my side... I just could NOT get this. I was at a friend's house and she was doing it and -bing- it took me all of two seconds to get the whole concept and I could not believe how simple it was!!

I don't know if I was just having the longest, loudest, and stinkiest brain fart in history ... or if something critical was just missing in those instructions I was reading- or maybe it was there- and I just could not get it because my mental picture was going off in the wrong direction...

but here is my take as a fellow person who is not dumb- but who has struggled with those directions and lost.

Imagine knitting flat- but you are using a circular needle.

OK got that

now imagine that you are knitting two flat things, on two circular needles- individually.

ok got that

now imagine a tubular piece of material folded flat

the front of the tube is your one piece of flat knitting
the back of the tube is your other piece of flat knitting

your yarn takes turns being incorporated into the front piece and then the back piece- going around and around- row by row- the join between these two individual pieces of material is nothing but the tiny imperceptable little bridge you find between any pair of knit stitches.

So, if you thought of once set of circulars as "Jane" and the other set as "Polly" you never ever knit the tips of Jane and Polly together. Each set of needles only works it's own piece of "flat"- when you get to the last stitch of the Jane needles- put them aside and pick up the Polly needles.

Love Sarah
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