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Attn: Cloth Diapering Mamas!

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If you're still adding to your cloth diaper stash and are thinking about boosting absorbancy, check out they are having a super sale on doublers (two kinds) that are supposidely seconds. though they definately don't look like it!

we are using alot of prefolds and i wanted to add absorbancy so i ordered some of these sale doublers and they are awesome! just wanted to spread the word in case other mamas are looking for a way to beef up their stash but can't spend too much. bottomline: these are super cheap and fanstastic quality... now if this baby could just come along so they can get some use!

happy cloth diapering!
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We're going to try cloth diapering and were looking at the wraps today. Do you all have a recommendation for brand? The store was recommending fuzzy bumpkins, and our diaper service recommends prowraps.

i have bummis covers, new and used from ebay (definately my recommendation for getting good deals). they seem to get great reviews all around... fit, quality, etc. and they're not super expensive, which is nice. for newborn size i also have a few litewraps, which have an umbilical notch. these are more economical which i am okay with since the baby will grow so fast during those first few weeks.
Oddly enough I just discovered However I did not order any doublers. In fact I hadn't thought about using doublers with a prefold. Hmmmm....
: I hadn't really thought of it either but a few moms around here suggested it for heavy wetters and more dryness during naps and what not (plus i have some older prefolds that have seen better days, they might need the help! and some less absorbant fitteds). and i figured they'd be great for later too when there's more ending up in the diapers with a bigger baby. dunno, we'll see!
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I bought some prefolds and will start cloth!
Also Cloth is having an over stock sale in infant prefolds. They are $9.95 per dozen. I order 3 dozen and it was about $9 shipping so it works out to be just over a $1 a diaper which is pretty good!

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