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Aubrey Organics skin care........................

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I am 45 and have fair,sensitive skin. I don't wear any kind of face makeup. I need to stop using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer and use something more natural. I've been looking into Aubrey and would like any comments you may have on using their products. especially if you have sensitive skin.
thanks mamas,
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Just out of curiosity, I've been starting to use the Cetaphil cleanser (not the foaming kind, but the one they claim is safe for babies). Have you heard anything bad about it?
No,not bad. But my daughter told me about an article in the newest Mothering about bath products and which ones were safe or the safest. There is a website you can check out and Cetaphil is in the middle. Not the worst,but not the best. It has *skin deep* in the name. Maybe you could google it and check for yourself.
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Aubrey products are fantastic!!! I use the Sea Buckthorn soap bar and the Sea Buckthorn and Ester C facial moisturizer because I have a red skin problem, and this stuff is fabulous!!! Aubrey has a great chart on their site that helps you choose the products appropriate for your skin, or just try what you want to! Needless to say, I HIGHLY recommend Aubrey
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aubrey products are wonderful
, i use the same staff like naturalmaman, and it's great.Also highly recommend baby products, just got few things for my dh too, and the eye cream- the best i've ever tried.
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thanks so much mamas!
I just ordered their sensitive skin combo pack.
I'll let you know when I try it out.
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