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Audiologist help

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I just got off the phone with our insurance people and am in the clear to look for an audiologist. I am planning on doing it today but have no idea what to look for. Our phone book lists one place and the Internet lists two.
So what do I ask etc. when I call these people? TIA
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I'd probably just set up an appointment with the one in the phone book.
Do you have any particular concerns?
Is this for an adult or a child? If it's for a child, I'd ask about the aud's experience with children. In either case, it wouldn't hurt to ask how they evaluate & treat whatever your concern is. From their answers you might be able to tell if one of them is more knowledgeable about your particular concern. Good luck.
Try to stay away from audiologists who are primarily hearing aid dealers. If the appointment is for your child, check your local children's hospital...they have the most experience with children. Also, if your ENT works with an audiologist, that may be a good one. Sometimes a good choice is an aud who works with a school for the deaf as they have lots of experience with children.

If you have questions about your results/info the aud gives you, feel free to pm me...I was an audiologist in a former (pre SAHM) life.
I agree stay away from ones that are hearing aid dealers (Sears, miracle ear, et).

If it is a pedatric appointment go to one that is hooked up with a pedatric ENT.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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