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August 2003 Mommas!!! How about an update?

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We finally have our own place and computer!

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I'm here ! LOL
its so funny to me how much fasters girls develope speech then boys. At 10 months Zoey was doing what V does = but Roman? no way. He says buh. buh buh buh buh. Sometimes he gets excited and says Bah! lol

we just got his 9month pics back from walmart. He's such a ham!
Romans 9 month portrait - 1 and one more cute one

but he's cruising furniture like a pro - he can 'walk' the entire living room. couch to table, table to desk, desk to bookshelf etc. And i got him one of those first steps push things and he races across the room with it laughing his head off! lol

two bottom teeth and two top teeth here. And well, i'll admit it. he has been eating for months and eats everything we do. He scarfed chicken parmesan and pasta last night and tried broccoli for the first time - i couldn't get it in front of him fast enough lol. He adores cheese and any kind of meat... little barbarian went nuts on a bbq rib the other night. every time i tried to take it from him he'd scream at me.

our big news is the first haircut. It was so long, in his eyes and its so hot here already (106 the other day) so we had it done. You can see it here :Romans First Haircut

and he's thinning out a little now too. we've not been back to the doc since he was 6mos - 20lbs, but i'm guessing he's only like 21-22lbs now.

we're actually planning the big first birthday party already. He'll be a year old July 24th. thats in what, 6 wks? lol It just amazes me how fast the year has gone.

can't wait to hear how everyone else is doing.
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Colorful~Mama! That haircut is so cute!!!! How did he ever sit still for that?
Colorful~Mama..Roman's picture's are great! too cute!

Andrea88...Darius likes ceiling fans too....too funny.
Congrats on your new place!

Darius had a well baby check at the end of May and weighed in at 21 pounds and he's 29 inches tall. He's standing by himself, cruises the furniture and has 6 teeth( 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom). He says "dada" clearly and said "mama" once. He's been waving hello and bye...he's funny, in the grocery store he waves at all the produce and people.He loves to eat asparagus,sweet potatoes,green beans and peas.He doesn't care much for fruit.We have a lot of fun here.
he's waking so I should go...

I hope everyone is doing well.Take care!
Aria is doing wonderfully. So many fun things happening every day!! This weekend in particular she had several "ah-ha" moments where she figured out how to do things she's being working on for like weeks... she is finally crawling, she pulls herself up into a standing position constantly and w/o any other human help, she's waving bye-bye, clapping like mad, pointing to things, giving mama kisses when I ask for them, rolling a ball back and forth with me...... she's been trying and trying do to these things, then just BAM, she just "got it". Yay!! Time to finally finish baby-safeing my house, I guess!!

Ari says bu bu bu bu bu and occassionally da da da da. Other than that, not much. A little while ago she talked in consanants a lot more, some g's and p's in there (but no M's yet, not even a hint of them). Then this past week she decided to abandon the consonants (except for the b's) in favor of shrieking. lots and lots of shrieking. dang, she's loud!! it's hilarious.

She eats about anything I do. Over the weekend we took a road trip to Madison WI to see my best friend, and we ate out a TON. Whatever I'm having, I cut up into tiny pieces and she devours. She had chicken curry, stuffed mushrooms, buttered noodles and parmeson, pickled ginger, fresh rhubarb, pita and hummus, kalamata olives..... She absolutely refuses typical baby food, including applesauce. Funny girl. I don't suppose it has anything to do with all the thai, japanese and indian foods I ate while pg, do you? LOL.

Here's to a great summer.
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Hi mamas!! Nice to see you again!
Sebastian is a big boy too! He is 24 lb and who knows how tall he
He's got 7 teeth! 4 on the top, 3 on the bottom. He eats also everything we eat and probably more....:LOL
He can stand on his own, does not crawl and can't wait to make that first step by him self.
He is VERY vocal and keep repeating all day long MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMA with different voice everytime, it's so cute.
We just got back from Czech and I could tell he was a little confused about the language he was hearing, although I speak only Czech to him. He never heard different voice or accent.
Then we got back and he was confused about English

I brought so many Czech CD's so all day long we are singing and listening in Czech. Plus I found a Czech friend here!! We went to the same school 20 years ago!!! We lived in the same street!!! I could not believe it! I still can't! We have not seen each other since, until now! Do you believe it?!

Colorful~mama - Roman is so cute! He's got so much hair too! I have to cut Sebastian's hair every 2-3 weeks!
Can I ask you a question though? Why do Americans like taking photos of their babies and children in American flags for God's sake? What's up with that? I think there is nothing worse and uglier than that!!
: Nothing against your Roman though!

Oh, Sebastian has learned to play "music" with his fingers running across his lips - it's so much fun!! And he is doing it all the time!

Andrea ~ where are you living now? Is everything better than it was before?

Yesterday we FINALLY bought king size frame and matress!!!!!!!!!! YAhoo!!! WE are finally going to sleep like a family - in one bad! After almost 10 months! I have been tired of my DH sleeping in the living room.

I gotta go, I will post some photos later! I have to update my yahoo photos.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Editting to add photos:
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Leilani's pretty cute, pulling up, standing, but has no idea what walking is yet! Her 8th tooth is finally breaking through after 3 weeks of teething yuckiness. 18.5lbs, 28in, pretty much around 50% across the board.

pavlina - how was the plane ride?? any tips?? i'm flying solo w/ DD tomorrow coast to coast, not nearly as long as your flight but i'm freaking out!!

colorful - i wish i had remembered to bring a camera to DD's first haircut back in december! those pictures are so cute. Her hair still hasn't grown all that much since then, maybe 2 inches in 6mo. i sorta wish we had just let it grow...

andrea88 - congrats on the new place!

sorry i can't write more right's impossible to pack when DD's awake!
OMG, Roman is so cute!
I can't believe what Aria eats! Aleksi won't eat a thing besides BM yet.

The buggle is crawling like a madmancub now! He's all over the place. It was like one day he could crawl two steps, three days later maybe 6 and three days after that there is NO stopping him. He has finally figured out that laying on his belly and flexing his legs and arms into the air like an airplane will NOT get him anywhere! Wooohoooo! Oh and of course he's cuter than ever. And TOTALLY uninterested in swallowing any solid foods that I have prepared for him and mixed thoroughly with EBM, despite his love for the plastic-y rubber-y spoon I got for him which he chews on with passion but will not eat from.

And I am way obsessed with cloth diaper purchases and I really need to get a life.

How bout ya'lll`?
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I see you found us Butterflymom

Sebastian isn't caowling and I am starting to think he'll never will. He is on his knees and arms, but one leg is squished under his belly and he can't get it out. As soon as he gets it out his on his belly. He just can't figure it out. He loves to walk though and will be soon on his own. I wish he'd crawl though because it is so cute when babies crawl.

Beebs ~ I did not wanna reply yeastrday about that flight so I would nor scare you, but today, you are probably on the plane by now, so it does not matter. The flight to Europe was awful!!! Well, I'd say the trip back was 10times worse. To Europe we flew over night so he did slept for 3 hours, which was ok, but on the way back it was during the day and it was 10 hour flight (going there was "only" 9 hours) and it was just so awful and hard and exhausting!! He did not sleep AT ALL!! He will not sleep well unless he is in his bed. He was so exhausted and so was I. Forunatey, both flights there was an empy seat next to us!! So I could sit him down next to me and he'd play. He was wonderful though. For a baby, he did so well! It was tiring for me more than it was for him I think.
But I swore I'd never wanna do it again on my own.
I tell you - 4 hour flight now - does NOT scare me
:LOL it's been 2 very long days. 9 hours flight, than 3 hour wait and than one more hour, than 3 hours on the train.......
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Delilah had her 9-month checkup on Monday. She is 15lb, 2oz and 27". Our ped didn't even try to get us to get any shots this time. I think she's realized that we're only doing the ones we pick, when we're ready. She did try to get me to supplement with iron though, telling me that "by this age she definately needs it." So I had her check Delilah's hemoglobin and it was 11.5 (which is good for this age).

She's crawling around a lot. We've had to do some serious babyproofing. She likes to stand up holding onto things now.

We go on vacation in two weeks and she's going to be in the car for three hours (with stops to go to the bathroom and nurse). I'm hoping that goes ok. She's never been in a car that long before. I'm excited about taking her though. It's a 4 day music festival in PA.
Hi everyone!

I am a new member here, from Australia. I have a 10month old son, Finnegan - the light of my life!!

How much fun is this motherhood gig eh!? Hes standing and cruising furniture but hasnt let go to take steps as yet. He says Mama, Dadda, Dog and cat and is really learning new things everyday, what a great age this is!

Hes not the greatest sleeper, but we do ok! Hes improving anyway. He has 5 teeth and more on the way.

Look forward to getting to know you and your babes soon!

(sorry posted this in the old thread....
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Wow, I'm genuinely impressed with the talking and walking babies, as well as the haircutting ones! (also good to see not everyone is there yet..) Yanek is cruising on furniture, not walking, standing maybe a few secs on his own, he makes lots of sounds but not consistently for any one object or anything. His hair is almost in his eyes, but I'm afraid to take him for a haircut. I guess I also feel it would officially make him a toddler, and I kinda wanna hold off on that one..
Still no teeth!! (that's still within normal limits, right?)
No teeth here either, and we only cut his bangs because he was uncomfortable with them in his eyes.
I miss his baby floppy hair. He looks so grown up with his smart haircut.

Not standing on his own at all, but definatly can stand and hold onto stuff. It IS a great age and I am loving motherhood.
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Hi All
I haven't posted here in the past, but I did read all your updates as my kiddo was born 8/5/03, her name is Amber, and she's such a sweet little girl

Here goes:
She's crawling, standing holding onto anything and everything, not really waving HI yet, not saying a word, but making all kinds of noises that crack me up. ummmm, she's EVERYWHERE! She has 2 bottom teeth, 2 on the top are coming down as we speak and she's finally starting to get hair. She's about 16 lbs.
She is NOT affectionate!! Don't even THINK about giving her a kiss, hugs are ok. I still LOVE her to pieces, almost makes me wish I had another one
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Hi there!
At Eva's 9 month appointment, she weighed 18 pounds 15 ounces, was 27 inches long and is anemic! She's been very pale for a few weeks leading up to that appointment and the doctor tested her blood and prescribed iron drops. (Yuck!)
Since she's anemic, I've been giving her more solids, mainly peas, green beans, rice cereal, applesauce, crackers and little nibbles here and there of my food. She is learning how to use a sippy cup, but could really care less about it.
She pulls herself up on everything. She is standing on her own, briefly, I'm not sure she even realizes it yet, because she grabs onto us for dear life whenever we try to make her stand on her own. She gets into everything, even climbing on things to get to stuff she shouldn't be getting to!
She throws little fits and tantrums when she doesn't get her way.
She looooves her baby cousin Andrew and feels she should be able to touch him or see him whenever she wants.
She blows kisses at him all the time.
She says "mama" "mom" "dada" "dad" "up" "Eva"-though I don't think she knows what that means! "Bah" and "Bob"-we think those means boobs.
She excitedly squeals all the time!
She loves her Baby Einstein tapes and has them almost memorized.
She has 4 teeth now, the top two just came in earlier this week.
She loves being a big kid. She hates getting her diaper changed.

I'm so jealous of Roman's hair, and I love his 9 month portrait!!
I wish Eva could eat what Aria eats, but Eva's mouth breaks out in splotches whenever we give her anything dairy...but only SOME of the time.

I'm so jealous of the walking babies! And of those that wave! I've tried teaching Eva to wave, and she thinks I'm nuts.
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Hi everyone!
Andrea~You sound like your in a much better space. I'm happy for that
Your daughter is so beautiful, and has such a glow!!!
Pavlina~Gorgeous pics, happy to hear you had a great visit!!!

Well, as you all know, it's busy, getting busier. Samson was just trying to get up the stairs today!!! :LOL He's also doing lots of talking...mama dada
He's so cute.
All is well here, Soleil is adjusting very well, and moving on with her little busy life!!!
I have added pics to my sig line,

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I haven't been here for sooo long. How can our babes be 10 months(or so) old already? Travis seems to know he's my last baby, because he has really been taking his time about growing up. He just got his first two teeth, and he is in no big rush to eat solids, unless I offer him salmon, he really wolfs that down.
His birth was so wonderful, I still revisit it in my mind. I wish so much I could give birth again. Dh has already had a vasectomy, so that option is out. Anyone else struggling with the 'last baby'? It seems to be getting a little more difficult as that 1st birthday keeps getting closer. *sigh* bittersweet.
I can't believe there are walking/talking 10 month olds out there! You mommies certainly have your hands full. Blessings to all
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I've been wondering how you all are doing! It's crazy to think back to a year ago and remember how anxious we were awaiting our baby's arrival.

Quinn doesn't have any teeth either. Or much hair! But he is crawling and standing, he also likes to squat and stand from a squat. He walks along furniture too and w/ the push toy. He eats pretty well, but we haven't tried any dairy yet. He says da-da, but that's about all. And loves ceiling fans too! I think he's about 20 lbs. We haven't done anymore well-child visits since weren't not vaxing.

Does anyone else have a wiggly nurser?!
: He is all over the place.

I'm not sure if this will be my last one, but I'm feeling sad that babyhood is nearly over!

gotta get busy.....
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