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In a few months, we will be graduating to the toddler forum. How weird is that?

Recent topics included

-food, the good, the bad and the ugly
-teeth and the lack thereof
-infant pottying

FWIW, we are still overly dependant on cheerios. When he isn't eating cheerios, he's eating some other finger food, such as blueberries, peas, pasta, bagel, orange or banana. He's starting to look very hurt when he sees us eating ice cream. I had never thought of giving him a lick.

He has two teeth.

He pees on the potty whenever I think to put him there.

On another note, I've started taking him to the playground, even when his sister isn't around. He likes to swing and play in the sand. He's more like a kid than a baby.
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amazing what lax mothers of 5 will not remove from babie's mouths.....
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Thanks, as always, Dodo.

Just adding myself here. I think you all know now that my boy is crawling. Has 5 teeth. Sometimes poops every other day. Eats bits of everything. Even things he probably shouldn't have.
: He's still very snuggly. He just has a very sweet, gentle spirit. It's the only and best way to describe him. He's like a human koala bear. I'm not kidding.

Expanding our family of three to four has been such an intense, amazing, experience.

And btw, I still don't think my older son has fully forgiven me for bringing the little one home
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Just subscribing. I need to get to bed while the getting is good.
By the way, Anyone entering a super scream when you're not in the room phase lately? I can't take it much longer. Maybe my late august babe is just catching up with you other moms who mentioned a few weeks ago.
mage - most of it they choke up or poop out right...

I'm having a blast - taking a few step and playing in the pool with the other 2 - I really enjoy watching them come together and play
Any of you take your little ones into the pool this early? My parents are visiting this weekend and I'm wondering if it's too early to take her "swimming." She adores bath time ...
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We bought Ellie her own TINY little pool and set it up on the back porch. SHe enjoys it.

The really cool thing is that we signed her up for swimming lesson that start in a few weeks. I learned to swim at 6 weeks old and we live near the water so it's time!
Thomas will be in my il's pool the next time we're there and it's not raining. Ben was in the pool at this age too. He loved it. I cannot seem to wake up today. yawn.
No, I don't think it's too early at all for pool swimming. I think my older son was not quite 6 months when we tried him in the ILs pool (he hated it and has just this spring started taking a liking to the water and LOVED the ocean when we were away last week).

I was just at Toysrus and saw some floaties (those arm things) for my 3 year old, but they didn't have his size. I don't think the babes will need anything b/c we'll always have him in our arms, or one of those floaty raft things at the ILs.
magemom & Ketilave, I've removed seashells, paper (of course) dirt, dust bunnies (yes!), you name it. Just got a little reality check however on being a bit lax this time around. A friend re-told the story of her child at 10 months somehow getting a water bottle cap (the flat ones, like milk containers). It got lodged in his throat and the ambulance had to come. It ended well, but didn't have to. I'm only mentioning this b/c I've been taking too much for granted lately with the little one.
Drat. The bug is not in daycare and I was concerned about her lack of interaction with other kids. SO a friend of mine convinced me to try out a "My Gym" class. The class was fun. But 7 days later? She has 2 suspicious bumps... it's the chicken pox. I WANTED her to get the pox, not the shot... but not YET!

OTOH, she's still happy and has no fever.

SWIMMING: There is a school of thought that you DON'T want floaties or those type of things on your kiddos in the pool. It inhibits their natural learning and can be dangerous if they venture into water without them.... just a thought!
Whew, I just wrestled the baby to sleep after a severe case of the summer crazies. He was crawling in circles and squealing. Very hard to diaper, nurse and put down.

I can't take him swimming, I don't think, because he frequently poos in the bathtub and I'm just not up to that happening in a bigger body of water.

Bears, I found my baby with a water bottle cap earlier today.
Brannon was in the pool around 4 months and the others early on too. Maillie loves it and plays pretty well on her own in the baby pool.

We just had a conversation about floaties the other day at school. For those of us that are big swimmers we were/are against them but also see the benefits of getting them comfortable in the water, kicking and putting their face in. My kids are VERY monitored around pools and are not allowed near the big pool if I am there alone. Plus, those of us that have more than one kid liked the idea of having some help...
The babe is Crazed these days! Did wonderfully on his first plane trip & week long vacation in New England, but is going through so many transitions at once that he's suddenly very high needs. Whining, screeching, crying when things don't go his way, general fussiness balanced by new levels of socialization, flirting with anyone who would smile on the plane, and a desire to be standing at all times. He's on the verge of crawling and can lurch from a sit to a forward moving position but can't quite get that last foot out of the way and behind him.

I might be winning the shameful things pulled out of baby's mouth contest as I fished out a piece of dog bone that had been dragged in and left on the play rug.
: Not small enough to be a choking hazard really but the dog likes to let them ferment outside for a while before really enjoying them.

We're planning to go swimming as soon as we can convince him to blow bubbles instead of drinking any time his face gets near the water.
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: Long lost Aug Mamma friends...

I thought I would try to jump in on this thread since it is new and see if I can pull up a seat and join you girlies sharing about our babies.

5 teeth already Bears, eh? DD has 4 ..the U/S tech showed them to us when she was in utero so I knew we would have teeth early. And the did that go with the two little ones?Any tips? We are going in July amd are looking at a 8-10 hour car drive. Should be interesting. you on the crazy baby front. DD is a spitfire compared to her brother. She hates diaper changes and getting dressed. Anything that takes time away from her being mobile is not fun for her...I try to sing to her, give her interesting things to hold ,look at, while we do the chore and she just hates it ...

DD is pulling herself up onto everything and crusing around like nothing. Mastering the stairs this week. Hanging herself off her brothers train table and jumping up and down making these deep throaty growls and cracking herslef fun....Again nothing like her older brother who hardly crawled and waited until 15 months to even walk. I so did not want a 10 month old walking baby
...LOL,,oh well, at least I will have a strong willed independent woman to give to society,watch out boys!!! j/k..

ok gtg
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Hi Traci! Hope you get the all-clear soon.
Hey everybody, just found this thread. I must have visited MDC and NOT our old thread and somehow never got reminded about the old thread. Did that sentence make any sense? <shrug>


It's never too early for the pool! I'm a Floridian, and Duncan was actually in the pool last September, at barely a month old. Just tuck them in the sling, they'll be fine. Close to mama, nice and warm (if the water is), it's all good.

We just went to the beach today. We've gone to a local lake a lot which has a sand beach, but today we ventured to the Gulf of Mexico (an hour or so from my house) for the first time with Duncan. He LOVED it. Fistfulls of sand in his mouth. Crawling around in the waves lapping the shore. Watching the birds fly past. Splashing in the tidal pools. Very happy baby.

And, man, have I laxed off since Bonnie was born. Duncan had an ear of corn today. He loved it. I swear, the boy practically knocked me over for it, and wrenching it out of his hands when he started actually eating the cob was quite a task, let me tell you. Now, it was an ear that my daughter had already gnawed on, so there were no intact kernels, but there was plenty of good sucking action left on it. So, it kept Duncan happy while I enjoyed my lunch. Am I bad? LOL. Actually, I don't give a hoot. He was happy, and that's all that mattered.

Okay, gotta go give the kids a bath. Hoping they'll both go down to bed early and I can have nice dinner with the hub. It's our 7th anniversary on Monday. My, the time has flown!
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Are babies not supposed to eat corn?
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