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Aunt Flo Returns with a Vengence!

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I got my period back last month (at 5m - I got a year the first time around - I've been robbed - anyway...) It was so heavy, like post-partum bleeding! It lasted a full 7 days which is normal for me but then it stopped for two days and started again for another 5 days.

Well, now about 35 days later - pretty normal cycle for me - it's back. Again with a vengence. Day one and I've been leaking through a super tampon and filling up a maxi-pad in 2 hours.

My mw gave me some motherswort last month to try and so I'm taking it now. I hadn't before hand although I should have been. I'm also making some rrl infusion.

Honestly, with my temperature issues I've had lately I'm almost tempted to think that I could be having some early menopausal symptoms. That could just be wishful thinking.

I've always detested my periods. They've always been heavy and painful and this is like the icing on the cake. They are worse than ever now!

Anyone have any experience, ideas, suggestions? I'm tempted to try going on the pill but I really really hate to. I'm nursing, dh had a vasectomy, the pill makes me sick and loose weight (not a bad thing there), I just want to be done with fake hormones you know!

We leave on vacation Saturday morning and I just pray that it lets up before that. We are driving to Oregon and I can't imagine long days in the car bleeding and cramping like I did last month.
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WAnted to add...I'm 35, 36 in a few weeks. I am going to make an appt with my gyn for when I return from vacation. My mom was very young, early 40's when she began menopause so it's not out of the question that this could be related I suppose.
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