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Aurora Waldorf?

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Hello Alaska Mamas!! Ds is going to be 2 this summer, we are considering Aurora Waldorf's parent/toddler class.

Any experiences or input on this class, school or Waldorf in general is would be great ot hear

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We went to the parent/tot class last fall with Miss Caroline and enjoyed it. We're going to the playgroup now, the 'prerequisite' is the parent/tot class. It was really neat to see the difference in group dynamics from start to finish as the kids got to know each other & the routines.

Sometimes Noah asks for a candle during dinner and to 'sing song snack' since we sing a before snack, he's started to do the hand motions with it, too.

At this point I think we'll be sticking with Aurora until Kindergarten, then the options are so overwhelming! I REALLY like that Suzy started the playgroup so when Noah's old enough for the pre-K he'll know some of the kids already and I'll know some of the parents. I think it's great to have the opportunity for his first 'away from Mama & Papa' group experience can be with kids and in an environment that he knows.
Thanks for the input
How wonderful to have a playgroup. I never thought of it as building relationships before school

We have been to the open house and will attend the spring fair. DS will be 2 in June and have our name down for next year. I have been reading the book that is suggested for the class. It has given me wonderful ways to be mindful for my little one.

Thanks again for the input
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