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Bring your used, outgrown and unused carriers to the next Austin<br>
Babywearer's meeting (5/18) for a great stash sale. We all have<br>
carriers that we hoped would be perfect and didn't quite work out, and<br>
carriers that were great at a different point in our baby's life.<br><br>
Save yourself the hassle of selling online! No mailing, no paypal<br>
fees! And buyers - come prepared with cash and/or checks(seller's<br>
choice). I'm excited to see what the group has to offer! Feel free to<br>
post what you're bringing on the list!<br><br>
You set the price and agree to donate a portion of the sale to the<br>
Austin Babywearer's group (suggested donation: $2 for carriers under<br>
$30; $5 for carriers under $100; $10 for carriers over $100)<br><br>
The Austin Babywearer's group is trying to raise funds to purchase more popular carriers for the lending library, if you have nothing to<br>
sell/buy but want to contribute, please consider donating a few<br>
dollars to the cause. We will also have excess pouches and ringslings<br>
from the lending library to sell.<br><br>
We are also posting our Wish List in the Files section, so if you have<br>
anything you want to donate or just want to buy something for the<br>
group, take a look!<br><br>
See you Tuesday, May 18, 10:30-12 at Cherrywood Coffeehouse!<br><br>
P.S. Please crosspost if you feel it's appropriate!
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