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Autism Awareness<br><br>
They looked at me with compassion.<br>
I hadn't a clue why.<br>
Then they told me my son was challenged<br>
and I began to cry.<br><br>
Your son may be Autistic or<br>
have some related disease.<br>
I've never heard of it, I said.<br>
Explain it to me please?<br><br>
It occurs one in every five hundred births,<br>
Four times more often in boys.<br>
Families of all racial and ethnic backgrounds,<br>
Regardless of stature or poise.<br><br>
It's a Lifelong neurological impairment<br>
That affects the ability to speak,<br>
Play or socially interact.<br>
I felt my knees grow weak.<br><br>
My husband took me in his arms;<br>
We held each other tight.<br>
My five year old beside me asking,<br>
Mommy, is Stevie all right?<br><br>
We wouldn't have known there was a problem,<br>
If not for his speech delay.<br>
We thought he was just a little shy,<br>
And preferred solitary play.<br><br>
When she said they don't know what causes it,<br>
I just wanted to die.<br>
My God, this isn't happening,<br>
They can't even tell us why?<br><br>
God is not sleeping, I said to myself<br>
Over and over again;<br>
Holding fast to my faith in God<br>
To help me endure the pain.<br><br>
Clearly there needs to be research.<br>
It's imperative we find a way<br>
Of getting the programs funded,<br>
If we're ever to gain some headway.<br><br>
Our children are so precious.<br>
They look to us for care.<br>
Let's show them how much we love them<br>
and make everyone aware.<br><br>
© 2000-2003 Linda Q. Demos ~ <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><br><br>
Autism isn't the end of the road, it's just a new direction.
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