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Autism Awareness

They looked at me with compassion.
I hadn't a clue why.
Then they told me my son was challenged
and I began to cry.

Your son may be Autistic or
have some related disease.
I've never heard of it, I said.
Explain it to me please?

It occurs one in every five hundred births,
Four times more often in boys.
Families of all racial and ethnic backgrounds,
Regardless of stature or poise.

It's a Lifelong neurological impairment
That affects the ability to speak,
Play or socially interact.
I felt my knees grow weak.

My husband took me in his arms;
We held each other tight.
My five year old beside me asking,
Mommy, is Stevie all right?

We wouldn't have known there was a problem,
If not for his speech delay.
We thought he was just a little shy,
And preferred solitary play.

When she said they don't know what causes it,
I just wanted to die.
My God, this isn't happening,
They can't even tell us why?

God is not sleeping, I said to myself
Over and over again;
Holding fast to my faith in God
To help me endure the pain.

Clearly there needs to be research.
It's imperative we find a way
Of getting the programs funded,
If we're ever to gain some headway.

Our children are so precious.
They look to us for care.
Let's show them how much we love them
and make everyone aware.

© 2000-2003 Linda Q. Demos ~ [email protected]

Autism isn't the end of the road, it's just a new direction.
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