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Average baby weights?

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Can someone tell me what the range of weights for a 10 month old baby could be? I know it varies widely, but in general, how much could a 10 month old weigh (lowest to highest?)

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If you go to there is a growth chart for breastfed babies boys and girls). The chart for girls says 16-23 lbs. For boys 17-25 lbs. If your baby isn't breastfed, I'm sure you can google a growth chart for infants.
I guess it depends on what you consider "range of weights" to be.

I am getting the information from the CDC (and just eyeballing the info)

3% 17lb 5oz
5% 17lb 13oz
10% 18lb 7oz
25% 19lb 11oz
50% 21lb 5oz
75% 23lb 0oz
90% 24lb 9oz
95% 25lb 10oz
97% 26lb 6oz

3% 16lb 0oz
5% 16lb 6oz
10% 17lb 0oz
25% 18lb 2oz
50% 19lb 9oz
75% 21lb 2oz
90% 22lb 8oz
95% 23lb 7oz
97% 24lb 0oz

Remember, thos are just averages. I have known kids under the 3% and kids who weighed fully TWICE the 97% are were healthy. By ten months, genetics are really taking over (from birth weight) assuming the child is healthy.
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Thanks for your input. I'm trying to do a Random act of kindess for a family (knitting something for their babe) and I've never seen the baby IRL but I know he's on the small side so I will go with 17 pounds.
I hope it fits!

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Just so you know... my 2 1/2 month old weighs 17 lbs... better to go too big than too small...IMO

I agree with mommyto2.

I got so many great things as gifts that my daughter could never wear because she was already too big for them.

My daughter was was 17 pounds 13 ounces right at 10 months. She's considered very slim.
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