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Avoid Mercury Contamination- Safe FIsh Consumption Guide

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Fish is a part of most American's diets, but did you know that the mercury and PCB levels contained in certain fish may be dangerous to you and your family? Before you cook your next fish dinner, I urge you to visit There you will find Healthy Fish, Healthy Families, a guide published by Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals outlining what kind of and how much fish you and your family should eat. It is the first of such guides written by physicians.

Mercury is known to affect a child's ability to learn and can significantly harm their motor skills. PCB's are shown to slow brain development in infants and may cause cancer. Millions of American women of child-bearing age have blood mercury concentrations higher than federal standards say is safe. As a result, over 600,000 newborns are exposed to dangerously high mercury and PCB levels each year.

Help protect the health of yourself and your family. Visit today and learn the safe way to eat fish.

Physicians for Social Responsibility
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