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Avon Today?

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anybody going to avon today? this holiday weekend has me a little messed up, but we'll be heading on over to the normal avon meeting place this morning. we'll be there around 11 or so (i have a lesson so we'll be a little late) hope to see somebody there! it's looking really nice out!
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Hi Jess ~

We are planning on being there today but were planning on going to our new spot at Sycamore Hills Rec Area. Is that where you were heading? I am wondering b/c you said the "normal Avon meeting place".

I am expecting that Kelly will be coming also. At least she was planning on it when I spoke with her last week. So, let me know which spot you are heading to. I would hate to be the only one at the new spot.
Hi Mamas~

I thought we'd be trying out Countryside Park as well today~ give it a try, Jess, if you see this message!
ok, i'll see you at sycamore hillls! good thing i checked this :LOL

kelly-i'm assuming you meant sycamore hills too....
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