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Aw crap! What happened???

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Geez! Just when I think I have a night time solution he wakes up soaked at 3 AM...but what was sooooo weird was that his PJ's, sheets and ME AF were drenched, but the diaper ( IPF, JB and a 2 layer hemp doubler) were barely damp. He was on his back, if that makes a difference...I changed him into a sposie
: because I don't know what happened and I didn't want to do that again (at least in one night). Any ideas what happened? I am REALLY getting fed up with nights. As gross as it is to use a sposie (ewwww- in the morning to take that swollen squishy thing of him almost makes me gag!!) I would rather he stay DRY than wake at 3!
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It sounds like you have a Houdini Weenie... :LOL Someone's son (I wish I could remember who) used to pull his penis out of his diaper, pee, and then put it back in the diaper when he was done. Dallin must be in that "talented" group - I'm so sorry you're frustrated.
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Yesp, soundls like he peed right out of the sides or top. My son would do this is it was too bulky and gaped at the legs.
Is the diaper new? Perhaps it needs more washing to reach full absorbency. It takes at least 8 wash-dry cycles for hemp, supposedly.

Originally Posted by mommasuz
Yesp, soundls like he peed right out of the sides or top. My son would do this is it was too bulky and gaped at the legs.
Exactly. IMO, you need something with strong elastic and close-fitting around the legs (not a prefold, even snappi'd) once they start getting older, because as they move around at night so does their penis. Especially if they are a power pee-er, you don't need much of a gap at night to get a flood emerging from the dipe. You do also point him down when putting on the dipe, right? (this keeps him from peeing upward and out the top of the dipe.

Again, the key is a close fitting dipe, something snug enough around the waist and hips to keep him from misfiring out the top or the legs.

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I'd check leg casings. Is the elastic shot?

I had a great diapering system going and was getting all these dry nights in a row, them BAM! he started being drenched at like 9 pm (2 hours after he went to bed). I finally figured out (DUH!) that the elastic in my favorite night time dipe had gone bad and he was peeing out the leg casings.
It had to be a gap somewhere...guess I'm going to habe to find a fitted...
To answer ??'s
*The dipe and inserts aren't new, but not old either
*The Air Flow is new
*Yes, he was pointed down
*I don't think he could have pulled at anything because it was all under 1 peice footie pj's.

Thanks ladies!
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LOL Sorry! I was sewing!
*FB w/ NN
*FB w/3 joeys
*FB w/ prefold and hemp prefold (YIKES!!)
*HH w/ all the same stuffin

*ME OS with snap in and trifold hemp insert under wool
*KHW w/ extra doubler under wool

Oh! Prefolds of all sizes, with a joey and fleece topped doubler!
Thats all I have. I don't have $$ for a sleeptight, although I bet it would work! :LOL
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SO you have NEVER tried a fitted other than ME? I think that may solve your problem, along with a better night cover. I will keep thinking about this.
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I used a KHW fitted and it workd the best out of everything.

Originally Posted by todzwife
I used a KHW fitted and it workd the best out of everything.
Oh duh!
: Sorry -- still thinking...
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How about the fitted with a doubler in the Airflow (instead of the wool)? I always use a PUL-ish cover at night...too chicken to try wool since she sleeps with us...DH is on-board with co-sleeping, but if *he* woke up wet, he might start to protest!

DD isn't a super-wetter, but we had leaks with a FB and 3 JBs. I think it made the legs gape. We've had success with a FB and a fluffy insert (MOE?) and a microfiber towel, and with an Ella's Pocket with her insert and a microfiber towel. Have you tried a FB with less stuffing? Also, this may just be my weirdness, but I think the fluffy-type inserts (like microfiber or a good broken-in PF) do a better job of absorbing a lot of pee at once--the JBs seem to not be able to soak it up as fast or something. DD holds it until right before or right after she wakes up, and I (and the Boppy and the floor) got wet while feeding her with the FB/JB combo...

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Welcome to the world of Houdini Weenie!! It took me over 3 months to find a good night time solution for Holden. He would pee out the sides of his dipes, barely getting the dipes wet, but getting me, himself, the bed and sheets soaked! Someone had suggested the micro was repelling, so you could check into that. With Holden, I know that was not the case, since he could wear the same dipes during the day and not have a problem.

Two things helped us --
1. I finally noticed that his penis is a bit crooked, lol. So when he pees, it doesn't go to the front of the dipe, it goes to the side. Top that with the fact the he sleeps on his side, facing me, and, you you guessed it, that's the way his penis points. So during the night when he pees, it just goes right out the leg hole, missing the dipe almost entirely! I now am sure to "redirect" his penis every time I change him, trying to point it more toward the center of the dipe.
2. The only solution I found that worked as far as dipes is this - a size 2 FCB Night Light with a thick knit wool soaker over it. I have 3 Night Lights stuffed with heavy wetter inserts and 2 heavy duty knit soakers that I rotate at night.

Hope you can work out your night time issues soon - it stinks to wake up in a wet bed every morning (literally!)
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Well, tonight I am going to try the KHW with an extra doubler under the airflow. Wool just doesn't seem to work at night for us, much to my dismay. He sleeps on his side/tummy and we were having compression wicking problems. I'd love to get my hands on a night light, but $$ is tight and it's so not in the budget, plus I am a sorry hyena. I swear though, if this doesn't work, I will probably swtch to LUVS for nights, I just can't deal with it anymore.
If Dallin fits in a size 1, I'll be happy to send mine to you to see if it would work for him. I have the 3-layer hemp tri-fold for it.

Originally Posted by pritchettzoo
I always use a PUL-ish cover at night...too chicken to try wool since she sleeps with us...

This is too funny cause I'm the opposite- too chicken to use PUL at night! I love my wool for night time. I use a woolly liner in there too to maximize the doubler and the diaper. DS has a ridiculously large behind but it works!

If my wool is dirty, I use FB's stuffed with homemade hemp inserts. We made them to have wings at one end so that there was more fabric up front where he needed more protection. Then I use a regular hemp insert. If I use too much in the FB then it's too bulky and the pee runs right off!

You didn't happen to use fabric softener did you? The dry diaper wet child and bed happened once to me. It was a diaper that my mom had washed and I just know she used softener.

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