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Awesome appointment yesterday and shameless midwife brag

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Yesterday we drove to the city to see my midwife and everything went so great. We have a beautiful healthy baby. She laying EXACTLY the same way Cady was - she is head down and we're thinking she will probably stay.

Cady wanted to be examined too and the midwife was so cool about it - took her BP, palpitated her tummy, and listened to her heartbeat on the doppler. She got such a big kick out of it. I am so happy that she makes Cady a part of my care. She always sits with me during exams, they let her "help" feel my belly, they have a great environent with lots of toys and always a bunch of babies and kids around for her to play with. Cady is so comfortable with my midwife, assistant, and students and will even hug them goodbye before we leave. I am sooooo glad I found them - it's well worth the hour and a half trip!
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That is so great! There is nothing as good as feeling such trust and confidence in your midwife. And it's awesome that she includes your DD - after all, having a baby is a family event!

When I went to my last appointment, my DD (4 yrs old) went with me, and my midwife was great with her. We've decided to have DD at the birth (hospital waterbirth planned) and my midwife said it's important for her to come with me to appointments. She listened to her heart etc, and gave her a book about birth from the library. I was so thrilled. I am so happy to have a midwife who I really feel is a partner in this - It just sets everything up to go smoothly. I remember with my first birth (same midwife) talking to her about my preferences in advance - no IV, no heplock even, and she said it wouldn't be a problem, even with "hospital policy". Well, when we got there and the nurse said "I'm going to start you IV", I said "I don't want an IV", and the nurse looked at my MW who said "She won't be needing an IV or a heplock" and that was the end of the conversation.

Sorry for the novel, not trying to take over your thread, but I so share your appreciation for good midwifery care!!
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that is awesome for both of you!
So wonderful that you have such a terrific midwife and fantastic that she includes your dd. Afterall it's her baby too

I also had my mw appoint yesterday. I meet her for prenatals at her assistant's house which is 2 hours away. And like you it's worth the drive
(midwife lives farther away)
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We are a lucky DDC when it comes to midwives!

I just feel so relaxed when I go to see my midwife and her apprentice... they are both awesome. Yesterday she read the delivery notes from my first birth OB. She got as far as the part where I pushed 4x and then was threatened with csection or vacuum because DD's heartrate dipped (still within normal range) and gave me a sympathetic sad face and assured me that it would never happen like that there. Felt really good to hear that
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That is so awesome! I have a mw appt tomorrow morning and will be showing her a copy of hospital/dr records to check over too! Though I read them and they weren't as detailed as I feel they should have been. Good thing I have a great memory
I agree that finding a care provider that you are comfortable with is CRUCIAL.
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How wonderful Jocelyn!!! I also LOVE my midwife. She was my midwife's apprentice when I had Seth and she was SO great that I hired her to be my main midwife this time!!!!
She also includes Seth in everything. He won't be at the birth, he's still too young, but he loves to hear the baby's heart. He will even grab the garlic press and pretend that it's the doppler and listen to the baby's heart in my tummy and his!
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Sounds like a great visit! It is so nice when they include you child.
This thread has me so excited for my first prenatal with my midwife! I've met with her twice for doula-related things, but now that we're decided on homebirth, we're switching gears and starting the prenatal care! I am so excited about this change!
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