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So I went today for my son's 12 month check up & to talk to the Dr about delaying vaxes. Everything went great. She was very receptive & told me "you have to be comfortable doing this & if you're not, don't do it". Talked to her for 45 mins. Went over my history of childhood immunizations, risks, etc & still walked out of there feeling good about my decision. She also headed me in the right direction for more reading & sources on vaxes to help weigh out my decisions.<br><br>
Don't have to go back now until his 18 month apt & still won't be doing needles then, but she wants me to come back then just for a developmental check.<br><br>
She also gave me all the info I needed to get him into school if I still decide not to vax. I soooo love my Dr after today.<br><br>
There are Dr's out there today that are receptive, you just have to find them.
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