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Awesome non vac friendly Ped, SE MI

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Just wanted to let you know we had our boy last week...We were referred to a ped by the Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccine group, her name is Nada Saker out of Troy. I would recommend her to anyone....what a gentle, kind, patient and knowledgeable woman. She seems to really be against a lot of vacc. She told dh and I to come up with what schedule we want to follow and that's what we'll do. Also, said if baby will be home instead of at daycare, she'll counsel us on what vacc's aren't that necessary.

I'm so happy!!! Fate has smiled upon me once again. I was so worried that I would never find anyone who shared our thinking.
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Yea! Thanks for letting everyone know. I'll have to check her out too! What was the office like?
OMG...I was telling dh that it was the nicest doctor's office I have ever been in. It was SUPER clean and had granite and marble everywhere. The ONLY thing I didn't like was the fact that there is just one waiting room, not a well and sick room. But, they seem to really have a handle on not overbooking....dh and I were the only ones in the reception area, and her next patient didn't show up until about 1 hour after we arrived. Also, there is an independently owned pharmacy right across the hall...super convenient!
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Where abouts in Troy is she located? Is she currently accepting new patients? We are looking for a new ped/family doc for our family and preferrably, one that doesn't whine and complain about our lifestyle at every appt.
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