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DD is 29 mths.

She's been having rough nights that past week; waking around an hour after going to sleep crying, waking frequently and nursing back to sleep, and waking for the morning 3 hours earlier than normal then later taking a long nap.

But last night was the worst. She didn't nap all day, but in spite of that finally fell asleep at 10pm. She woke every HOUR screaming inconsolably for the first six hours (I'm pretty sure they were night terrors because she seemed oblivious to us - but SIX night terrors in one night???) and slept restlessly the rest of the night, getting up at 8am (early for her).

She's not getting molars, I don't think, and her daily routine hasn't changed, and she isn't eating new foods or anything. She seems her usual happy self during the day.

Anyone else experience this or have any idea what's going on?
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