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i didnt know where to put this so i put it here with all my toddler mama's

Ok i dont know if i'm being a baby sence i havn't had a period sence May but these cramps are KILLING ME!!! On a scale of 1-10 1 being nothing and 10 requiring an epidural these are about an 7 or 8!!!

I don't know if this i b/c its my first one after my D&C or i am just a baby but serously this SUCKS!!!

and i hvn't even gotten my period yet!!

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Don't be alarmed, but since you asked......
Perhaps you've developed fibroids or something while you were pregnant? I know I had killer cramps after my pregnancy, and they did an ultrasound. Gave me one med for the fibroids, and I've never had a seriously painful problem with them since. So it could be that, or maybe something else. (Like endometriosis. But that's pretty unlikely just yet.) Or it just could be you've forgotten how bad cramps were! LOL!

Good luck, whatever the case.

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