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AZ mamas URGENT!!!

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Dear Breastfeeding Supporters,

This is the last step before the breastfeeding bill goes to Governor Napolitano for her signature. I apologize for the short notice, but it has just been posted that the breastfeeding bill is going to be voted on by the senate this afternoon, Tuesday, April 11, 2006. It is crucial that we contact our senators in our districts immediately in order to thank them for their support in advance! We need your help! Please cut and paste the e-mail below into a new e-mail, fill in the blanks, personalize the e-mail if you wish (although, please be brief) and send it to your senator right now! Please also call your senator if you have time! We need to flood them with e-mails and calls just to be sure it gets the votes. It looks very good right now, but we need to make sure we have the votes!

You can also watch the live proceedings this afternoon by going to, then click on Senate, then Live Proceedings and then Senate Floor Sessions. The floor sessions begin at 1:30 today.

To find out which district you are in, please look here: Please pass this along to those whom you think might be interested in this cause.

Dear Senator ___________,

My name is _______________. I live in District ____. I am writing to you today to say thank you in advance for your support of HB2376; the bill that allows children to breastfeed wherever they need to be fed. With this new law in place, more children will receive the benefits from nursing and will lead healthier lives. As this bill makes its way to the floor for a vote today, please know that my family appreciates your support on this issue and we are grateful for your vote in favor of this bill.

District # __________
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