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[B]ALACE Childbirth Educator Training & Certification Program[/B]

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The Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators (ALACE) is an internationally recognized program. Is is one of the four major childbirth education organizations that certifies educators. Read about them at
I have never used this program. I bought it, got sidetracked, and eventually my path led me in a different direction, but this is an awesome program and at the end of it you will be certified to teach childbirth preparation classes.
included is:
-the tachers manual in a 3 ring notebook
-two videos: Special Delivery and Gentle Birth Choices (one of the videos has a clitch lasting a few seconds. It is in the very beginning of the tape when I tried to play it and pressed record. of no real signifigance.)
-ALACE certification when all requirements are completed
-ALACE bookstore catalog with 10% discount on orders over $40.

You will have to purchace the membership fee seperately ($50 I believe) once you recieve this packet. That will give you 4 issues of their quarterly journal Special Delivery.
I will send a letter to you with my membership number on it. this will explain to ALACE that I sold you the program. You will have to fill out the application on their website and send it in with membership money and my letter. In return they will send you a list of ALACE trained teachers in your area and an ALACE internet referral form is you want to be listed on their website.

I purchaced the program for $725. Subtract the membership fee and it is worth $675. I will sell the program for $525. saving you $150.

I also have some of the books on the required reading list for a discounted price.
Special Delivery
Heart and Hands: a Midwife's Guide
Silent Knife
Pregnant Feelings
Active Birth
How to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor.

Please reply with any questions, offers etc. I would really like to see this program put to good use. Blessings
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BTW I will pay shipping in the U.S.
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