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B complex reaction?

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Hi. I hope someone can help. My b complex comes from a 'whole foods source' and there are a bunch of added 'foods' including herbs. I get a reaction each time I take it of red itchy rash in places all over my body. Is this a somewhat common 'allergy' or reaction to B complex or one of the B's or is it more likely something else in the supplement?

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Is it a fairly sudden thing where you suddenly "flush" red??
If so, it is the niacin. You will need to watch for special "non-flushing" niacin in the future.
Thanks! Yes, it's pretty sudden-- do some co's make it non flushing as you say?
hi sorry!
i lost track of this thread
Yes, the niacin will say "non-flush" or something similar on it....

like this:
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