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B-day party this rude?

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Sunday is DD's 1st birthday party and I'm kinda stuck on one very minor issue. My house is small and our combined families are not, so I thought that during the party, I could take the invited kids on a stroll to the park around the corner from my house. I figured it would be a heck of a lot better than sitting in a cramped house having nothing to do but watch adults sit and talk.

I ran this past DH and MIL and while DH eventually thought it was a cool idea, MIL kinda turned up her nose. I believe she thinks it's rude for me to leave my guests during a party. I'm sure DH will stick around the house while I'm gone with DD and her cousins and any parents who want to come.

Is this a bad idea? Are there any last minute alternatives that I can do like set up some kind of games in my backyard? Maybe a game of "Ring Around the Weeds" :LOL (I so hope these kids don't care about the amount of weeds in my yard!).

Thanks in advance!
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why not have the party in the park? that way you don't have to kick people out who want to stay all day, and the kids will have a way to expend their energies without trashing your house.
I second the vote for moving the whole party to the park. Friends and I have done this for birthday parties with good results.

sorry! i didn't realize where you were or how cool it was there! i forget that not everyone is still wearing shorts!
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The baby is going to be one years old, I don't see how she is going to express her choice of park or no park y/k?

I don't necessarily think it's rude to take the kids to the park, but I might choose to play it by ear. If they are restless, then go if everything is fine, or it's too cold then stay.
I think it's a great idea, but maybe get someone like a sister to take the kids. Not because I think it's rude, but unless your baby is going too, I would want to spend every minute with my baby at his bday party, not entertain other people's kids, ykwim?
I don't think it would be at all rude to take the kids to the park...It seems to me that your first duty as hostess is to entertain the children, since this IS a birthday party for a child
If you were hosting a formal dinner party for adults and took a walk to the park during the meal, that might be different (maybe
)...By my way of thinking, adults at a 1st birthday party should know that they are not the guests of honor, and should expect a Childrens' Party Experience, whether that involves a trip to the park or just general kid & baby chaos around the house.
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Perhaps all of the guests could take a break by going to the park. Since it is a child's party, in an ideal world, the adults there would want to spend time with the children.
it's a kid's party - go to the park! Invite the adults to join the kids or stay put, whatever they prefer. a party for your child doesn't need to fit your MIL's mold.

go girl

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I'd tell everyone that we were going to the park and if all the parents/family want to come, great, those that don't can stay behind. The kids will love the park, and they won't care if it is a little cool, especially since they will be running around getting warm. I think it is a fine idea if that is what you want to do!
I totally misread the title to this post and thought it said "is this nude?"
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The park idea sounds great! However, if you feel the guests might be upset, I like what Cyndy said....maybe you can get a teen or other family member to take the kids to the park if your baby is going to be at the house.
Thanks for all the opinions!
I think we're probably going to play it by ear and see how the kids' moods are. DD loves being on the swing, so I'd definitely take her. No way would I leave her at home with a handful of old grannies who'd drive her crazy pinching her cheeks. :LOL j/k

Now I have a new dilemma, though. I think I'll post a new thread.
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