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I found the ad for Babeotanicals on MDC - natural baby care products, made by a WAHM. I was so excited! I would be buying natural stuff for myself and baby coming up and also supporting a WAHM in the process. I searched the MDC forums and found that other folks had recommended her products, so I felt confident in placing an order.

We were having an online baby shower in my Due Date club, and my partner also wanted natural baby products, so on May 22nd I ordered some Babaotanical products for her. I sent an email following my order asking for her to include a note with the stuff and she responded right away, so I thought all was well.

But after a few days I noticed I never got a confirmation email from Babeotanicals stating that she had shipped the order. So I sent her an email asking about that. And I got no response.

Around the same time I found out that another friend of mine had also ordered some products from Babeotanicals for ME and that it had been over a month at that point and she had not heard from her either, at all, despite sending her emails asking what had happened.

We both went to her webpage and got her phone number FROM HER WEBPAGE and called her.

Still no response for either of us. So we both send her another email, as well, and no response.

Finally after two weeks I went ahead and filed a request for a refund through paypal and miraculously, THAT elicited a response. She told me that she had some issues and that she had hired someone to help her and that she would GET MY ORDER OUT THAT DAY and that she would DEFINITELY send me an email letting me know that she had gotten my order out.

That was on a Friday. By the following Tuesday I had STILL not heard from her so I sent her yet ANOTHER email and called her YET again to try and see what had happened. And? No response.

Meanwhile, my friend had still never heard from her, not even once.

So, to make a long story even longer, I sent what I thought was to be my last and final email to her letting her know just how incredibly unprofessional I thought this all was and how incredibly disappointed I was and that it wasn't just me, that another friend of mine had ordered stuff for me from her because *I* told her about her stuff, and that neither of us had gottten any response from her.

Finally, THIS angry email got an answer. She told me (finally, after three weeks - this was June 8th at this point) that she had been having some difficulties in her pregnancy and that she was going to issue me a refund and ship my order. She apologised and issued the refund, although I have no idea weather she will actually send the products. And at this point I don't care. The refund was enough for me, but I think that she was right in that for all of my trouble she should ship the order and then some.

She also finally issued a refund to my friend and claimed that she hadn't ever gotten any of her phone messages (she never mentioned to me if she had gotten mine) and then said that she never uses that phone (THE NUMBER LISTED ON HER WEBSITE).

Frankly, I thought the whole thing was suspect at best. I understand health problems, I have had them. My friend who also ordered from her has daily health problems - she is disabled and in pain daily and also a WAHM - and somehow she mamages to fulfill her obligations to people. I understand things getting big, but then if they are, and they have taken over, shouldn't there be some communication with the people who have GIVEN YOU MONEY to let them know what the hell is happening with their money and their orders? I specifically let her know that I had a deadline to send this stuff for the baby shower exchange and that if she couldn't fulfill my order I'd like to know so I could make other plans.

The amount of stress this particular transaction added to my own pregnancy was ridiculous. Had I known all this was going to happen I could have washed my hands of it from the beginning, NOT spent MY time and energy trying to track this woman down, and gotten another gift for my recipient and sent it to her with no issues.

I am sure that at one point this woman had integrity, but that time has passed - I personally do NOT recommend ordering from this woman. This was a very very disappointing transaction to say the least.
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