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babies and colds

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I read a bunch of the archival posts for ideas on what to do for ds. He picked up dh's nasty cold and it hit full force last night. He was up most of the night crying and crying. I ended up laying him on my chest and me propped up with pillows to help him stay propped up. He seemed to sleep a bit better this way. We are super exhausted today though. Ds is doing pretty well today but nose is runny and coughing a little. I'm tryint to plan ahead for tonight though. Here is what I'm thinking.
Turning on humidifier
Using bm in his nose for decongesting (we have some infant-nonherbal stuff I don't really want to use)
Steamy bath before bed
Sleeping on me if necessary
(I'd love any other ideas and help finding saline drops.
I have searched for infant saline drops with his last cold and ended up buying these other drops. What kind of saline drops are most natural (w/out decongestants) and where can I buy these? Most of what I"ve seen are usually saline drops w/ added decongestants and what not.
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you can make saline drops too. use 1 cup of warm water, 1/2 tsp of salt and a pinch of baking soda. use 10-20 drops per nostril (about 1/2 to 1 ml.) it's best to use boiled, non-fluoridated water.

i also find that adding some eucalyptus EO to the humidifier helps. i usually also add a little lavendar EO and some tea tree oil as well, and last time i added a cup of sage tea to the water as well.

you can make a chest rub with olive oil and essential oils (eucalyptus is best for congestion.) rub a bit on, cover with a damp washcloth, and cover that with a dry towel. hold it there as long as he'll let you. this can help with chest congestion.

try to keep his feet warm. some people suggest putting on a pair of cold wet cotton socks and covering with wool socks. i haven't tried this, but i hear it works well.

i also use rescue remedy quite a bit when they're sick and upset. it seems to help sometimes. that and alot of TLC, which it sounds like he's already getting. avoid tylenol and other OTC meds, they will just make the illness last longer.
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Hey thanks for the suggestions rareimer. I was worried about trying to make saline, because I wasn't sure on the amounts and I heard it can be pretty uncomfortable if you get it wrong. I'm definately going to try it and the sage tea in the humidifier. I've run out of eucalyptus EO, do you think tea tree will be beneficial by itself in the humidifier?
Personally I would not use tea tree in the humidifier for a small child. It is very strong and might cause him more problems.
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