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Hi All!

I strongly suspect my baby has food allergies..she is bf pretty much exclusively still at 9 1/2 months..

for most of her life I have avoided dairy, citrus, shellfish, nuts...the big allergen I never cut out was wheat.
This week I cut out wheat and she is starting to sleep a bit better..but it is still too soon to tell.

here are my questions..

she has the burn around her anus and has had it forever! If wheat was the problem, how long will it take this to go away?

Is it possible to have her allergy tested at this early age to find out for sure so I don't kill myself keeping all of this out of my diet? I have read/heard conflicting things about this.

Thanks for your help!
While I certainly don't want her to have food allergies, it sure would be nice to have an explanation for so many things!
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