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Baby a lot more unsettled at night - ideas please

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Hi my almost 4 mth old has changed her sleep pattern. She has been sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed for the past 3.5 mths and was only waking once at about 3 am for a feed and sometimes sleeping through!

For the past 10 days she has been waking every 2 hours throughout the night, she generally will have a mini feed and then back to sleep. We had moved her into a crib next to our bed and she has had a cold, but that is now better and we've tried the bassinet again but she still keeps waking. We've also tried co-sleeping on and off since she was born, but she is more unsettled and has more difficulty getting back to sleep after she has nursed when she is with us. Any ideas - I need my sleep back to make me a happy person for dh and dc! Thank you.

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You said she had a cold recently and was nursing more at night? Maybe she has developed a pattern of doing this and needs some time to work it out. Try making sure she gets some good nursing time during the day maybe? That cold may have just gotten her schedule off a bit. Also, it's a bummer, but just when you think you've got your babe figured out they usually go and switch it all around, don't they? Hope you get more sleep soon. I'm sure there will be some better advice soon from other posters!
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my first thoughts would be:

(1) ear infection
(2) teething
(3) growth spurt

i would rule out the ear infection and then give some more time. if she has other teething signs you could try hylands teething tablets.

hang in there!
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