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My DS is 6 months old and he recently broke out with two skin conditions. The first started a few weeks ago: round, flaky/scaly flat areas. Some of the larger ones (about the size of a quarter) turn red. Others just stay skin color.

Then a few days ago, DS got bad acne on his face. Tons of little bumps that are almost clustered together. No white/black heads, but enough acne that the poor kid looks like he's going through early adolescence.

I ate a whole bunch of chocolate recently, and also had barley for the first time since he was born. Do you think it could be either of those foods or does it not sound food-related? I am allergic to dairy and so the chocolate was dairy free for sure. I've also been avoiding wheat, most gluten (the barley was an exception), corn, and soy. I let a bit of corn and soy slip in, in the form of corn starch and occasional corn syrup, soy lecithin, etc. They are so hard to avoid completely...a few days ago, I ate a bit more corn than normal. So I guess it could be that as well. I am so overwhelmed with the possibilities and so tired of restricting my diet, but I feel for the kid and don't want him to develop the food sensitivities I have. (I dont do the best with wheat/gluten and try to avoid it as well as the dairy).

Sorry to ramble on...let me know if you have any ideas and if you think this is an allergy to food.
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