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baby acne? or eczema?

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how do i tell the difference?

my babe got red bumps on her face about 3 weeks ago.. they got more red when she was warm

now she seems to have a dry rash.. its very light though.. you cant see it that much.. but if you rub her cheek its rough...

& she has pink bumps on her chest
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Sounds like a mild eczema. The bumps on the chest might be heat rash.

Have you ruled out dairy allergy? It seems to be the leading cause of eczema on the face.
no.. i thought it was acne.. just started questioning weither it was or not
IME, baby acne looks like acne. Eczema sometimes has tiny red bumps, but they don't look like pimples. 8 weeks is usually when baby acne peaks, it seems that you're coming right up on that. A dry, rough, red rash is usually what my girls eczema flare ups look like. So maybe both?
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