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Baby acne?

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Anyone else's little one have this?
I am not sure if that is what my guy has but it is over his face, though mostly on one side, and a little on the back of his neck. I remember something like this with my oldest son but that was a long time ago.

Also, I just was reading the "sleep" thread and someone mentioned that the acne could be a reaction to my diet so I wondered who else is dealing w/baby acne and who believes it to be allergy or intolerance related?

Does it go away with baths for anyone?
Does it fluctuate during the course of the day?
Is it all over or only on one cheek/part of face?

Forgot to add: I've had a head cold for two weeks and now it looks like baby caught the sniffles... He has had mucusy green poops for days and today had green crusty bits at the corners of his eyes. Also, he does get a bit fussy when nursing, pulling on and off even though he is able to breathe... now that I read this it does sound like he has issues w/my diet, huh.
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Baby acne looks like small whiteheads. If your baby's rash is red, scaly or clusters in patches, it is most likely eczema which is an autoimmune condition of the skin and can be related to alleriges. In my children's cases it is allergy related.

ETA: Baby acne can show up right after birth, but more commonly within the first few weeks. It can last a couple of weeks to a couple of months. It usually appears on the cheeks and sometimes on the forehead, chin, and even the back. Unlike eczema, baby acne is not related to allergies. It is a reaction to residual maternal hormones.

Eczema can appear anywhere including the diaper area. It can come and go (flaring up when there is allergen exposure). If it gets bad, it can ooze and scab.

ds had baby acne, crusty eyes, stuffy nose and green mucosy poo, since going egg and dairy free they acne and eyes have cleared up.

Eliminating more too try and clear up the other issues.
From what I understand baby acne is caused by the mom's hormones (the hormones can cause lots of sort of strange things to happen to the baby, our daughter developed little breasts when she was about 2 weeks old, which went away after a week or so), like Di Linh said. Dylan had really bad baby acne that peaked when he was about a month old and cleared up after that. Annika had a little bit, but not as much as her brother. Dylan also had eczema until he was almost a year old, and it was quite different from baby acne. Baby acne looks a lot like teenage or adult acne and should go away on its own.
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