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Baby and teeth

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Hi all,

I would like to ask you how old was your baby when the first tooth came out. My dd will complete her first year at the end of this month and she does not have a tooth yet.
: Any of you on the same boat?

Thanks for any help.
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Mine got hers around 6 months, but it's perfectly normal
Timing of teeth is very individual.

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2 of my boys were almost 1 yr old ( one 11 1/2 months and 1 12 months) as was my niece. I wouldnt worry until at least 18 months. My mom joked that my boys and niece didnt get teeth because my SIL and I were dental hygienists LOL
My daughter's 1st tooth came in on 1/23/06, it was her lower left central incisor, she was almost 8 months

2nd tooth: lower right central incisor: 2/6/06: she was about 8.5 months.

3rd & 4th teeth came in:4/29/06: central upper incisors, she was 11 months.

5th & 6th teeth cam in: 5/29/06: both upper lateral incisors: on her 1 yr birthday.

7th tooth came in last night: 8/16/06: lower left lateral incisor, 14.5 months old.

(I only know this because I record it in her baby book). I didn't actually remember those dates.
DS was 7 mo.

Does your babe have other signs that point to a need to be concerned? Small or slow growth? Digestive problems?

Originally Posted by JaneS
DS was 7 mo.

Does your babe have other signs that point to a need to be concerned? Small or slow growth? Digestive problems?
Well, you see, DD has some food allergies issues along with eczema that we are treating with homeopathics. She is small for her age; just now she is 17lbs. Her emotional and intellectual development are very impressive, but a very petite otherwise. We believe that the food allergies are to be blamed for her being so small, as she eats very well. I certainly do not want to be over concerned, but do not want to be oblivious either. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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What is she eating? How did you determine allergies? What's her history like... vaxes, antibiotics, breastmilk? Has she had poop issues?

That is rather small for a year old. I would say this either means you still haven't figured out all her allergies and removed them, allowing her to heal. Or something more is going on. If digestion is impaired, good food nutrients will not get absorbed by the body if they are not being broken down properly.

Also a lot of the alternative calcium sources that allergic people tend to use, like rice and soy milk, are not good sources of minerals, very little of the mineral content is actually utilized by the body for various reasons.
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Thank you Jane. My dd is not vaxed and her diet is somewhat varied. She eats fruits (avocado, peaches, grapes, orange, kiwi, etc), raw goat milk, vegetables, some meat (chicken beef - organic), is breastfed. Never took antibiotics and her poop is normal.

Mostly her allergies is from nuts and egg yolk (have never given her egg white). The homeopathic treatment is to strength her digestive system. In addition, I give to her flax seed oil and accidophylus. I am slowly introducing her to hot cereal (barley, oats) and she likes it a lot. So far no reaction to it.

Indeed she is really small, but very present. I will post a picture for you to take a look at her. Also, I see that you have had problems with eczema. did your child's growth/weight gain was affected by it?

Thanks again.
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