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Baby Announcements on a Budget

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I want to send out baby announcements, probably close to 100, and I need to keep it as cheap as possible. I definitely want it to have a photo of the baby. Anybody know of any cheap? Like maybe under $1 a piece??? I was even thinking of checking the Walmart photo department, I know they do Christmas photo cards, maybe they have some half-way decent baby announcement cards too?
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I went to Hobby Lobby and bought bordered computer paper (heavy stock with a blue and brown Mother Goose print) and two packages of blue envelopes...we are going to type them up ourselves and print a digital picture of the baby on them, too. For 50 sheets/50 envelopes I paid $12, and the printing will be done on my gracious parents' laser printer. This is the cheapest I can think of, since all the pre-made, beribboned ones I saw at other stores were like, $15 for 10 announcements.
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