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I have these Baby Avent products up for sale. I bought them when they stopped selling in the US market and don't need them anymore. I bought way too many!!!<br><br>
2 boxes of Baby Bottom Balm--$6 each PPD <span style="color:#800080;">*1 Pending*</span><br>
2 boxes of liquid powder--$6 each PPD <span style="color:#800080;">*1 Pending*</span><br><a href="" target="_blank">Description of skin Avent baby skin care</a><br><br>
Also 1 tub of Purelan 100 from Medela. Out of box but not used--$4 PPD <span style="color:#800080;">*Pending*</span><br><br>
Also, Pilates for PG DVD w/ Mlelinda Bryan.<br>
$14 PPD.<br><br>
Thanks for looking! I accept Non-CC paypal/money orders. email me or PM w/ any ?'s
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