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He was born on 8-9-08
at 12:48 in the morning
water broke at 5:30 but no real contractions until about 4 coming around every 10-5 minutes. This was of some concern and I started to stress as I was gbs positive and doing hibiclense douche every 6 hours and was on a clock to not have waters broke longer than 24 hrs but luckily he decided to come right on time.
by the time the midwives came at 9pm they were coming every 4 min and when I got checked I was only a 3-4 and thats when it started getting very strong. By 11:30 I was a 6-7 and shaking and really feeling pushy but still not their.With all the back pain I couldn't lay down so I walked, I stood in the shower and I sat on the bed but by the time it was time to push I was exhausted and welcome dthe bed and the breaks in between.Don't know exactly how long I pushed since I did soft gentle pushes at first since I still had a lip to get through but it was about 30 minutes. Then my big boy was here. They thought he looked big but we didnt know for awhile until they weighed him later. 10 lbs 10oz. 22 inches long.My last son was 10 even.
No rips or tears and am feeling great. Boy is nursing good and sleeping well.
kids are in love as are we. Posted pics in my due date club but wanted to share with my homebirth people. My midwife was great and they gave me lots of space and encouraging words. My boyfriend was right by my side and even let me pull his hair as my sister cracked up but didnt get a shot of it haha.
here are some pics of our homebirth
my big man name still undecided
and one of him in a cute lil shirt the midwife gave us
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