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baby beating me up during the night

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i know it sounds horrible, but that is really what he does. he flails around all night long. if i nurse him again he will stop for a bit and nurse, but as soon as i stop nursing, he will start flailing around again.
does anyone else go through this? what do you do about it?
we are getting a cosleeper but i dont know that he is going to like sleeping in it b/c he never sleeps without me touching him (even during the day).
sometimes he beats me up while nursing..his arm that isnt tucked under me and him just goes back and forth hitting me.
i KNOW he doesnt mean anythign by this...but id like to try to get him to stop somehow. he's only 3 months but ive gotten bruises!!!
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no one else's babe does this???
My DD does it but she's much older (18 months). She didn't do it at that age. For a while it got so bad that I would nurse her back to sleep in her own bed and then leave again so we weren't cosleeping but it doesn't sound like that would help you. I really like cosleeping but she actually gouged my stomach with her finger nail so badly one night that it left a scar that's about 2 inches long! So now what I do is I put a pillow between us starting right under my breast so she can still nurse but she can't touch the rest of me. That would cause a suffocation hazard for you though
Sorry I'm not much help but I wanted to let you know that you aren't alone. HUGS!
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i just feel badly holding his arm to prevent him from hitting me, kwim???
ive tried giving him something else to hold onto but havent found anythign good yet.
Could you swaddle him?
Oh My Gosh! I thought I was the only one who goes through this! My DS is 8 months and it has gotten better, but he still does it when he's hungry. Our only solution was that my DH would hold down one arm and I would hold the other, that way we could sleep. Sadly we didn't have a better solution, and I don't know about you but if we let him just do it, he would just wake himself up and start screaming. So for us a co-sleeper would not have done the job. I would say take heart, it gets better, he's sleeping soundly as we speak, in hindsight 8 months goes by very quickly. Good luck!
he kicked and hit so much last night that his diaper came down!!! and this was a MUTT and IMHO one of the ones that stay on pretty tight (and its kind of big).
i feel kicked out of my bed this am.
My DD has been an arm-flailing and face grabbing nurser for the past month or so. During the day I hold her hand or give her a soft finger puppet to hold on to. At night we've started swaddling- which has really helped. My sister saw the scratches on my chest and face, and thought I'd been in a fight with a cat!

My dd doesn't seem to mind the swaddle (and a side benefit is that she seems to sleep a bit longer swaddled- I think she was startling and waking herself with some of her dream flailing). I don't like thinking that I'm "restraining" her, but it seemed necessary to keep co-sleeping.
Mine was a like that, but at five months he is starting to settle down. Maybe it's a phase? His thrashing still keeps him up though, and he still hits me in his sleep sometimes. He likes to touch my face in his sleep, but last night he shoved his finger up my nose and gave me a nosebleed! Who said cosleeping was easy?!?
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