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baby boy :)

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i went into labour a few hours after i last posted, complaining about being overdue
i gave birth in the bathtub at the hospital to a beautiful little boy after an 8 hour labour. my water broke on my way out for a walk and contractions started about an hour later, never longer than two minutes apart, so the whole memory is a bit of a haze. i had wonderful support and we've been doing well since we got home. dh is bouncing him on the ball right now and i am off for a few hours of sleep if my aching breasts and burning nipples will let me (lactation consultant is coming tomorrow!)

love to everyone and especially best wishes to those of you who are still preggers!
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Oh Congrats Jillian! Update us with a name when you have one picked out, oh yeah, and some pics!! But for now, get some rest after that labor!!
Congratulations and welcome to your little one! Enjoy your babymoon
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Conngrats!!!Hope you're getting the rest you need!!!!
Congratulations to you and your dh! And welcome your baby boy
Get your rest while you can and hope the LC helps you out tomorrow.
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Congratulations and welcome baby!!
Post the details or pm me so I can update the list (when you feel up to it of course).
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Congratulations on your baby boy!!!

When you say "ball," do you mean excercise ball? That's so funny, cause that's EXACTLY what *we* do!
When nothing else will console my little guy, I throw him in the sling, and get on that ball and bounce away. My only computer/TV time is spent bouncing on that ball. I'm soooo glad we have that thing, 'cause bouncing him while standing/walking is soooo tiring!
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Well done! Get all the rest you can and hope the breasts sort themselves out asap...
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