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Baby Boys eat more?

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somone told me that baby boys eat more than girls, is this true? And if it is than why?
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I don't think so. My little girl sure ate a lot.

It might stem from people telling boys to eat more because they need to get big and strong, while telling little girls they need to eat less so they can be skinny. We hear this all the freakin' time around here.
I doubt it. It probably just depends on the child.

I've seen some teenage boys really pack it away. There was a thread in teens recently about it. I think people focus on it, like the pp said, because boys "grow up to be big and strong" so people really pay attention to what they eat and almost take pride in it if their son can out-eat other people. It's weird. But I've seen girls put away a lot of food. Man, you should've seen my little sister when she hit puberty. She was a skinny thing, but grew half a foot in a year and she'd eat like 4 sandwiches at a time when she was 10.

As far as babies go....nah. Boys do tend to be slightly bigger than girls, but by a year or so, it's really only a difference of a pound or two. And of course there are lots of really big baby girls and really little baby boys. And some smaller babies might eat just as much as bigger babies and vice versa. I can't imagine boys eat more than girls, statistically, especially as babies. Maybe teens, but not babies.
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