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Baby Brains and Robomom

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We found this at the library this morning.
DD is totally obsessed with robots so I just had to pick this up from the "NEW BOOKS" shelf.
The book is about a family; Mrs. Brains, Mr. Brains, and Baby Brains. DD made me read it several times before going to bed tonight. LOL

Just wanted to share:)
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We've read Baby Brains the original. It annoyed me a little because the gist was it's not important to be smart. (Baby Brains is happier when he's not so brainy.) Or that's what I got from it. Cool drawings, though.
Robomom turns out not to be such a great mom and hangs Baby Brains out with the laundry and the true Mommy comes to his rescue.

awwww (((hugs)))
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