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Hi there!<br>
I have a couple Eco Print ME size Large airflow covers. These are in great condition. No stains that I cna see and not faded. I also have other size Large ME Airflows that are in more used condition. Those are faded quite a bit or are just plain white.<br><br>
I have 1 purple striped Polar Babies Fleece Cover. Size L, but the rise is too short on my baby.<br>
1 Bizzy B Hive Wool Set. Color is Sage. Comes with Cover and 3 snap ins that are fleece topped. Does have staining<br>
1 Bizzy B Hive Wool Set White, with embroidered back. Embroidery has a little girl and says Sugar and Spice and everything nice. Comes with Cover (side aplix closing) and one snap in and one wool liner. Does have staining.<br><br>
Royal Blue Baby Trekker Baby Carrier. Bought about 4 months ago, lightly used and has been used to try on a couple of times. Very Comfy carrier, I just love my Ergo and this one doesn't get used. 40.00PPD <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Will Happily Trade for the following<br>
Polar Bummis size Large (fleece diaper cover)<br>
Lovey Bums Fleece Size Large<br>
Possibly about 6 unbleached Premium Prefolds<br><br>
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