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Baby doesn't like Maya wrap sling - help!!!

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My 3 month old daughter is not too fond of the Maya wrap I have. I am not sure whether I just can't do it right (I got it as a second-hand gift so I had not instructional video with it...) or if she feels too confined. I have a Baby Bjorn which she loves but she is now about 17 pounds and getting too big for MOmmy's back to carry that way. Please help!!!
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Have you tried a mei-tai? The 2-shouldered carry seems to work better for my dd (18 lbs). My ring sling is great for shorter carries and quick on-and-offs, but I find myself grabbing my mei-tai 90% of the time.
I second the Mei Tai suggestion. Another option is a wrap. A wrap is a little more work than a MT but maybe more versatile.
I found the learning curve on a ring sling is also pretty long. It took a while for me to get comfortable with it, and found that with each child they liked it more and more.

Practice different positions with it. I think on mamatoto they might have instructions for wearing ring slings, too. Try looking there for pictures, maybe even video instructions ...

Once you get the hang of it, hopefully it'll be a wonderful aid for you. We used a ring sling for the last seven years (just recently started using meitais and wraps, too) and loved loved loved them. The Maya Wrap especially, it's just so easy and comfortable ... was for me, anyway
and my babies just lived in them.
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When they get that heavy mei-tai's are great. I've also been using my ergo a lot since it's a little quicker on and off than my Kozy. I just got a wrap and will be practicing w/ that.
What position are you using? At that age, my daughter would only tolerate a position that let her be upright, with her feet out. She HATED the cradle carry and the kangaroo carry. I carried her upright facing me until she could sit up, and then we moved to a hip carry, and she liked those much better. Maybe try a few different positions? Also, it helps if you get up and move around a lot right after putting the baby in.
I agree yhat a Mei Tai would be your best bet. Aly hated slings and when she got to heavy for the Bjorn we switched to a Mei Ti and we both still love it!
:LOL Thanks so much for relying to me so quickly...What is this thing you are all talking about and where do I find it??? I will keep trying to use the sling but she just likes her feet out AND to be facing away so she can see the big, beautiful world!
Good MW trouble shooting tips:

I am not a big fan of outward facing no matter what carrier, but you CAN do it in a Mei Tai.

Slingset would work, too.

And a wrap is probably best:
Definitely check out the website. They have all of the videos posted and you can see them. You can also purchase a video/dvd if you would like.
Hi there...
I checked out al of the websites you have suggested. I am going to try and get her used to the Maya Wrap because I have it AND because money is kind of an issue...have to buy diapers you know!
She liked it when I carried her with her head by the rings and the rest of her was tucked inside...I did have a question though - it feels like she is slipping out some times - I tried to thread it like they said on the video but am not sure I did it right...Any more suggestions for me???
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look on this site - a modified met tai is now on the market and may work for you...not too expensive ($35), either...someone just posted about it (Lisa 3976?). I've got one coming - they look easy and nice for baby - the kind of position you were talking about almost exactly!

Edited to add: have you tried a side sitting position? Basically, you put them in as if facing forward, then kind of scootch them to the higher side of the sling, so their back is supported and they face out across your chest. My son loves this position, and very few others! Good luck sling wearing mama!
I would second a side-facing position, she can still be well supported & see what's going on. Another option, which would have her feet out, is if you put her high on your chest (head to heart) facing in & pull the sling to the back of her knees & over her shoulders & pull it so she is snug against you, many will fall asleep like this since thy can hear your heartbeat, reminds them of the womb
Another question...
(By the way - thank you so much to all of you - I don't know anyone else to ask and I truly apprecitate your help!!!
) When I face her in toward me with her feet out she arches her back and cries because I think she wants to see what's going on...she's an inquisitive one, my darling child...Should I just keep her in the side position or do you think she will get used to it...Also - I haven't tried to breastfeed her in the sling yet because I am not sure I can do it...I am going to see my mom and grandma and they are absolutely horrified at seeing my breast in public so I need to get this down so we can go out in public without my family freaking out!
: My mom told me I have to do it in the restroom but as a lot oyou know it is not exactly comfortable to sit in a stall and breastfeed!
: Any more help??? THANKS AGAIN!!!
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well, I'd refuse to feed in a bathroom unless your mom is in there eating her lunch too, but that rant aside, it's going to be easiest to get the hang of sling nursing probably at home (or another comfortable environment) & when she's hungry, but not really hungry, so either when she's just starting to be hungry or after being fed a bit, if she's too hungry she'll have no patience with trying something new. If possible, try a position similar to a familiar nursing position. For example, if you nurse her in a cradle position or on a nursing pillow, then a cradle hold sling position will be a bit familiar to her.

Now, if you aren't having any luck with the above, you might try having the sling on & around you both, but very loose/not tight enough to be carrying her (or for her to notice) while sitting or lying to nurse. Once she's nursing or has fallen asleep, try tightening up the sling & getting up with her (but make sure you've tightened it enough & she's snug). This method would be easiest if you sat to nurse (rather than lying down) & is a bit trickier than the other, so I'd try it only if you have no luck the other way.

Good luck & feel free to ask more questions, and please don't let anyone make you feel like you need to feed your babe in an unsanitary public restroom.
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I will try the suggestions you offered and see if we can get the hang of it...I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable but I also don't want to make my baby uncomfortable!!!
I will just have to see how we can work this - I have tried to put a blanket over he rbut it just doesn't work becasue she HATES it!!! My mom and grandma told me they thought I had more "modesty" but I tried to explain that is not what this is about!!! No one else in my family has breastfed their babies and they think I'm nutso to sleep with mine too so I guess this was to be expected (?) I just wish they were more supportive...
: I'll let you know how the sling/feeding is going...
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Darien has some great video clips at on using this type of sling and also nursing in the sling. Check them out, they're really helpful.

Also, babies at this age love the kangaroo carry--have you tried that? It's facing out with legs in cross-legged, or Buddha position.
Thanks for the video information - I can't wait to check it out!
As far as the kangaroo carry - I tried it with her but she likes her feet flexed instead of by her body so she moves them and then she falls to one side or the other. Any way I can fix that?
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