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Baby doll for baby boy

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I have decided that G needs a baby. I am astounded by how 'all boy' he is and am wondering if we have somehow made him like 'boy' things without realizing it. This kid LOVES cars and trucks and motorcycles and I can't figure it out. It became clear the day we walked down the car/truck aisle at a store and G squealed with delight then started vroom vrooming! Is it because boys have a genetic bond to loud things with wheels, is it just G, are all babies like this, have we pushed him to like cars???

(In all fairness to myself, I show Gage 'girl' things as well, and he does have a fondness for sparkles and flowers.) So, I was looking at the toy shop for a small doll for him and everything was pink and lavender and I don't want to get him a pastel doll.

Any ideas?
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we got ds the baby bottoms boy doll and he loves him. he's a "boy" boy too and loves cars and trucks but he also loves to hug and kiss his baby. Richard (the doll) goes everywhere with us!

i bought ours here:
I don't have a boy, but if I did I would buy this one...
baby boy

anything by kathe kruse is great! We have the little girl one!
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I loved my sasha doll when I was a child. They are beautiful dolls and very durable, too. They have the most serious expressions and I think they were intended to look like they could be of any ethnic background.
My ds doesn't have a doll, but now that you mention it, maybe it's a good idea!

I just wanted to say that my ds is all boy too. And I don't really feel like we've encouraged that. My husband isn't especially macho or anything...he's an airplane fanatic, but that's about as far as his typical maleness goes. But my ds loves anything with wheels. He started being fascinated by wheels at about 9 months when we found him spinning the wheels on the folded up stroller. He loves pinwheels.... He will find the wheels on anything and try to spin them. I had bought him one little truck that he absolutely loves now and vroooms it all over the house. By the way...where do the boys learn how to make all those noises with their mouths?? My husband never tought him vrooom or zooom....they just started coming out one day!

So, for his birthday, we indulged his love of wheels and vehicles and bought him all sorts of things like dump trucks and race cars and airplanes...OH BOY!
Our doll is neither boy or girl, but somehow looks boyish (to me). DS likes his doll at times, everything goes through phases. Anyway, the funniest thing was, he tried to breastfeed the doll!!! I sat on the couch breastfeeding DD and DS got his shirt up and even made the noises that go with it (DD breathes loud and sometimes pops off and gurgles). Other than that, he is an affectionate little boy who likes boy stuff.
Alicia, before I had children I firmly believed that children were products of how you raised them regarding the sterotypical girl-boy behavior. Was I wrong! My firstborn was a boy, who is also "all boy" in his likes, his physical activty, everything. My second child was a girl. She has been raised w/her brothers hand-me-down toys & clothes, playing his games - and she has clearly let us know she wants girl stuff. The first instance was when she was a year old and I was trying to put her brothers hand-me-down sneakers on her. She had one pair of shiny patent leather shoes amist all his shoes. She pitched the biggest protest until I put those shiny shoes on. And it was "all girl" from there on.

That said, I bought my ds a baby doll too. I bought ours when I was pg w/his first sister to help him get used to the idea. The doll still comes out sometimes when he wants to play dollies w/his sisters, but his doll will always be a boy, have macho names like "Super Baby", quite often super powers, and is more intent on flying than cuddling.
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What a fun thread. I love hearing about others experiences with gender and their baby.

I appreciate the links to the doll ideas. I like this oneplus it looks like G with all that blonde hair!
I'm thinking about getting DS a boy and girl groovy girl doll

this one looks really similar to Eli!
What a good idea! I think my 1yo could benefit from a baby doll. He pokes his newborn brother
And gets angry sometimes if he wants me and I'm nursing or changing the baby and cant get to him at that particular nanosecond. Maybe having his own "baby" will help him feel better. *going to the toy store now*
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DS has a Cabbage Patch baby that my mom got him for Christmas last year, and I made him a Waldorf doll for his birthday. He's shown almost no interested in the Waldorf doll (especially since I put hair on it - he liked it while I was sewing it before it had hair LOL), but he has played with the CP doll sometimes.

But then my niece left one of her baby dolls over here the other day. It's one of those dolls with a cloth body and plastic arms/legs and head. He is in love with the thing. Every time he sees it he has to hold it, and he cuddles it and wants to wrap it in a blanket and gives it hugs and kisses. It's SO cute. I think I'm going to have to get DS a similar doll... but it's really hard to find them at the store without lots of pink and ruffles and other girly accessories.
We bought a boy doll for ds1 for when the new baby comes. He adores his trucks, but really likes to play with the doll a lot, too. It is so cute to see him give his baby "aaron milk."

I bought the preemie anatomically correct doll (it's even intact!) here:
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Originally Posted by Mama Poot
What a good idea! I think my 1yo could benefit from a baby doll. He pokes his newborn brother
And gets angry sometimes if he wants me and I'm nursing or changing the baby and cant get to him at that particular nanosecond. Maybe having his own "baby" will help him feel better. *going to the toy store now*

One thing I did was to tell ds1 to "show me how you feel" with the doll. It can be disturbing to see him hit/pinch/bang the doll, but that really seemed to help him stop hitting his new baby brother better than having him hit a pillow. Now he rarely hurts his brother, and also stopped hitting the doll. So, I think it helped to get the feelings out in a constructive manner, where I watched attentively.
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You could make a Waldorf-style doll. Then you could could make the doll look like your ds or whatever you want. There should be some instructions in the Arts & Crafts section of MDC. It's fairly simple to make.
My DS1 (22 months) loves his cabbage patch kid boy doll. His name is "toot" I have no idea why. DS just started calling him that and it is soooo cute when he says it so it's stuck. HaHa. The church nursery people told me that he was pushing around one of the dollies in a stroller so I had to go out and get him a boy doll.
I'm boring--I like Cabbage Patch dolls and Bitty Baby by the Pleasant Company.
The Groovy Girls line of dolls has Groovy Boys. I think they're pretty cool.

I am loving the groovy boy doll that pp put a link to. So cute.
This thread is great! I'm planning to get DS a doll from us for his first birthday. He loves the one at Grandma's house. He is all about carrying it around and talking to it.
YAY for all of you for having dolls around for your sons. Children model adult behavior and love to play "daddy". Boys who play with dolls practice nurturing their babies. They grow up to be more attentive, involved fathers. (I can't quote the studies off the top of my head, but there are lots of them. See, mom, I am using that degree in child development!
) My son will have dolls and hopefully he will play with them. And my big macho DH will play with him.
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